Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Premiere: New Single from Sammy Kay. civil/WAR out October 4th.

Sammy Kay by Daniella Heminghaus

"Orange Swirls"

Back in November of 2017, after getting home from tour, Asbury Park Americana / punk troubadour Sammy Kay was ready to hang it up. "I didn't want to do this anymore... Everybody's got mental health issues. I thought the road was really the issue, but it turned out that it was everything else."

"We're going to leave this be," he said. "And maybe, if something changes in the future, we'll revisit it."

But Kay couldn't stay quiet for long. New songs started to come; and, soon enough, he had the ten songs that make up his upcoming civil/WAR. Kay, once again, worked with Pete Steinkopf and a host of collaborators on the new record of which he says, "This album is what you see is what you get, in regards to mental health, the state of the country."

Today, we're happy to premiere single "Orange Swirls." It's an appropriate song for mid-August here on the Jersey Shore as it conjures images of the boardwalk, fireflies (or lightning bugs), and Kohr's orange-vanilla twist.

"'Orange Swirls' was the oddball of the record," says Kay. "I had made the record, and had it mastered as a 9 song record. It sat great, and I was stoked on it. I had the line 'the only thing I fear is being alone' in a notebook for a while; and, while I was on tour, we found out a show was canceled and our buddy Scotty (from Almost People) said come hang in the studio. I wrote the song sitting in traffic outside of Asheville, NC, homesick as can be, and thinking of the last few years of my life, and the change I was going through at the time.

"New Jersey, cmon, if your first date isn't at the Seaside Heights boardwalk, it ain't a real thing. This homesick melody, and the daydreams of getting older, laughing about the glory days, it just all made sense."

I had a first date of my own, back in the 80s, at the Point Pleasant boardwalk, but I see Sammy's point. Check out "Orange Swirls" below.

civil/WAR is out on October 4th, and you can pre-order it right now.

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