Sunday, September 28, 2014

Business Trip -- No GBH / Stag Party / Born Annoying / Hot Blood For Me

Photo: Jorge Royan

Light Posting Next Week

After a crazy week of going to see SOMETHING every night except Tuesday, I'll be headed out tomorrow on a business trip to the land of (original) Budweiser. That means missing the big show at Asbury Lanes featuring GBH, Stag Party, Born Annoying, and Hot Blood tomorrow night. Go see it for me, and grab one of those limited edition, red No Kings cassettes from Hot Blood.

I probably won't post too much here while I'm away, but maybe I'll stick some CoolDad Music stickers around the Czech Republic. See ya Friday.

The Battery Electric Played Souper Groove 3 VIDEO, 9/27/14

"I'd Rather Go Blind"

The Battery Electric did a set at Souper Groove 3 out at the New Jersey Latvian Society on Rte 33 last night. The fest was a massive campsite with several stages dedicated to everything from acoustic sets to headliners and organizers Turtle Soup. It was into this weekend of tents, hula hoops, glow in the dark costumes, Hackeysacks, and all-around good vibes that The Battery Electric brought their dirty, denim-clad rock.

They slowed things down a bit for Etta James classic and set staple "I'd Rather Go Blind." Watch the video of that below.

Go HERE to check out pictures from the set.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pics of Mount Sharp, Owel, Hey Anna at Asbury Lanes, 9/26/14

Owen were just one of the bands I finally got to see live last night.

Checking Some Things Off

It was Friday, so that meant soccer practice until 6:30. Then it was pizza after CoolMom got home. By the time I got into Asbury Lanes, Estella had already finished their set and Mount Sharp were setting up.

Mount Sharp, whose Weird Fears I really enjoy, was just one of the bands I was looking forward to checking out last night. Scotch LaRock has been raving about Owel, and Hey Anna are one of those bands I've been trying to see for a while now. It was, basically, one-stop shopping for bands I've been meaning to see. Convenient.

All three were impressive.

I feel like Mount Sharp's live set is a little louder, more "wall of sound" even than the EP. Standout tracks "Crazy Eyes," "Icarus," and "Turing" were also standouts last night.

NJ's Owel drew the biggest crowd of the night. Their ambient, orchestral post-rock combined with the lighting setup the band brought to create a pretty majestic effect onstage. Scotch LaRock knows his stuff.

Hey Anna took the late slot, and I was happy that I finally got to see them. I'd been trying to make it to a show of theirs since back when I went to Northside Festival. It just worked out every time that I was out of town or had a party to go to or some other obligation. They were worth the wait as their infectious indie pop kind of blew me away. I listened to their 2013 Pompette EP a couple of times on my ride home.

Here are highlights from all three sets. There are lots more if you click on the "Galleries" tab up top.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pics of Paper Streets, Gin War, Back and Forth from Brighton Bar, 9/25/14

Back and Forth were part of a diverse bill put together by Aftermath Collective.

The Rest of Aftermath Collective's Eclectic Bill

Aftermath Collective put together a pretty diverse bill last night in support of Candy Hearts. Paper Streets and alt / indie pop group Gin War were both playing the venue for the first time. It was a pretty nice turnout for the early sets, and both bands turned a few heads.

Middletown hardcore quintet Back and Forth may have been the biggest outlier on the bill, but they didn't let that stop them from turning in an incendiary set that had a portion of the crowd getting maybe just a little too violent for my old bones. It was fun to watch from a safe distance, though.

Here are highlights of all three sets; and, really, there are more pics in the "Galleries" section. You should check those out, too.