Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Videos from Upset and Roger Harvey

Upset by Cheryl Groff

A Couple of Videos for Your Holiday

Upset, "Away"

Upset, the LA pop-punk band with New Jersey connections, just released a new video for '76 track "Away." The band recorded the video while on tour with Colleen Green. I went back to '76 recently when thinking about my favorite stuff of 2015, and it is one of those early in the year gems that shouldn't be overlooked.

"Away" is a great example of Upset's and Ali Koehler's mastery of the catchy, 90s-influenced pop-punk single.

Roger Harvey, "City Deer"

Roger Harvey just premiered the video for Twelve Houses track, "City Deer." The song may be the rockingest cut on Harvey's excellent LP, and the John Skip Volcsko-directed clip captures the romance and wide-open feel of the album while throwing in a nice dose of humor.

Harvey will be at The Stone Pony on December 28th as one of the openers for Night 3 of The Bouncing Souls' Home for the Holidays, joining The Loved Ones and Static Radio NJ.

Thanks for Another Year


This was a big, fun year for CoolDad Music. Thanks to everyone who read, contributed, sent me a song / album / video. Here are a few of the things (in the form of a nowhere near exhaustive list) I'm especially thankful for this year.

Before we get started, it goes without saying that I am most thankful for the love and support of the most beautiful CoolFamily. Thanks CoolMom and CoolDaughters 1 & 2.

OK. Here we go.

Even though you didn't plan it this way, thanks for playing an unannounced show on my birthday.

Thanks for blowing my mind at the Don Giovanni Records Showcase, even if I did get a moving violation in Brooklyn (Thanks, Allyson, for trying to cheer me up.).

Thanks for being so supportive and using my pictures on your records.

Thanks for coming to the show.

Thanks for hanging out.

Thanks for doing sound. Thanks for doing lunch.

Thanks for playing the carousel and thanks for coming out (especially Mom, Dad, and my brother's family. I know it was loud sometimes.).

Thanks for letting me help make your video.

Thanks for putting me in your video.

...and while we're at it, thanks for all the support and shouts out.

Thanks for working with me on so many things this year.

Thanks for letting me shoot your album cover.

Thanks for coming out to this one.

Thanks for everything, Asbury Lanes.

As it always goes with these things, I'm sure I left some stuff out of this. Thanks for sticking stickers, wearing shirts, emailing, tweeting, instagramming, messaging, mentioning. Just know that I appreciate everyone who ever has anything to do with CoolDad Music in any way. Even if you just come over and say hello during a show, it means the world to me. Have a safe and peaceful holiday however you choose to spend it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Premiere: New Single From Long Faces

Long Faces at The Saint in August

"Dope Sick"

As we prepare to go barreling into the holiday season, it's a good idea to just stop for a second to catch our breath, to look back on the year that is quickly drawing to a close. It's a good idea, for example, to stop and look back on one evening in August when you saw a whole bunch of really good bands at The Saint and headed out for Korean burritos with friends after. It's nice to remember that one of those bands was New Jersey's Long Faces and that they were shooting a video for their new single "Dope Sick."

That video is in the can as we speak; and Long Faces have decided to give us a sonic preview by premiering the "Dope Sick" single here this morning.

"Dope Sick" is a chugging piece of indie pop that would feel right at home on the playlist you'll be blasting as you drive to wherever it is you may be going for the long weekend. Even in the late November chill, the song has that driving with the windows down vibe. There is something a little deeper than just a really good pop song here, though, I think. Something about the benefits and the costs associated with living your life always doing what it is you feel like you need to do.

Check out the "Dope Sick" single below and stay tuned for news of the video premiere.

Friday, November 20, 2015

New Video from Smalltalk. Plus! out Next Week. Free Shows!

"The Last Ones"

Lots going on in the world of our friends in Smalltalk. The latest thing is the Matthew Gere-directed clip for single "The Last Ones." Originally appearing on the band's second EP, the song, with its noisy guitars and intertwining vocals from Zak Kaplan and Tara Jones, will be available on Smalltalk's forthcoming Plus! The LP is due next Friday on Chunksaah Records and comes in various flavors which you can check out here.

Have a look at the video for "The Last Ones" below, and then shake off your post-holiday cobwebs with a pair of free shows with Smalltalk celebrating the release of Plus! on Friday, November 27th.

Bring grandma and your weird uncle to Holdfast in Asbury Park to pick up an album and to enjoy a Black Friday Record Store Day in-store performance from the band. Then head over to Asbury Park Yacht Club that same evening to catch Smalltalk again with Michael Jackson & The Beetles.