Monday, October 15, 2018

Two Shows Brought to You by Dromedary Records in Support of Justice Democrats, 10/26 & 10/28 at FM

...and Tomorrow Is Your Last Day to Register in NJ!

NJ's Dromedary Records were pretty quiet there for a while, but they've been making some noise lately. That's appropriate, considering that 2018 marks the label's 25th annversary. We premiered the re-rlease of Dromedary's first-ever single, Melting Hopefuls' "Gondola", in January. On October 19th, Dromedary will release a three-song single from Joy Cleaner in the form of "Easter Tuesday." That release will be available via digital platforms as well as on a cassingle and "super-cool, limited-edition lathe cut square vinyl 7"."

In addition to all of that, on October 26th and October 28th, Dromedary are sponsoring two shows at FM in Jersey City. Both shows will be in support of the congressional campaigns of Aelxandria Ocasio-Cortez (running in NY-14) and Jess King (running in PA-11). Both candidates have been endorsed by Justice Democrats, who will be on-site at the shows.

"I've been dying to do SOMETHING besides complain," Dromedary records founder, Al Crisafulli, told me. Al is really putting his music where his mouth is as he's put together two amazing shows to generate some pre-election day enthusiasm.

On Friday, October 26th, the bill features SAVAK, Spectre Folk, and Sunwatchers.

On Sunday, October 28th, we get Bodega, Sharkmuffin, Stuyvesant, and the aforementioned Joy Cleaner.

Both shows are $10.

And for those of you who plan to vote in the state of New Jersey, your last day to register is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 16th. You've got to get that done if you want to vote in the extremely important midterm election on November 6th.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival Happened Last Saturday at White Eagle Hall, 10/6/18

The Components by Rose Lamela

A North Jersey Kid

By Rose Lamela

Everyone who is from Jersey is familiar with the whole "What part of Jersey are you from?" question. A lot of Jersey folks answer by saying their Turnpike or Parkway exits as others divide the state into three slices. I, for one, have always pridefully claimed that I was from North Jersey.

I grew up outside of Elizabeth and have had full-blown arguments with people about whether that is considered "Central" or "North" Jersey. No matter what anyone says, I will be steadfast in my proclamation of having North Jersey CRED; and, now that I live further up the state, you can't mess with me. I have the attitude and the latitude to prove it.

That being said, I sadly never heard of the The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival. It's an embarrassing admission, and I hope to be forgiven for my ignorance. I was introduced to the indie local flavor only about two years ago. That is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

I was lucky to get a photo pass to this 18 band event courtesy of a super "Cool Dad." At first, I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up the momentum for all 18 bands, but I was in for what was an amazing show. The stage was split into two sets, and every band played for about 15 mins.

The best part of the event for me was to get to hear a few bands play live for the first time. Getting to hear Dentist, Yawn Mower, Glazer, and Exmaid in one event was a very quick way to check off some "must-see bands live" from my never-ending list. They did not disappoint, and I really got to hear what Jim likes to write about when he covers the music scene in Asbury. I am, of course, super cool with the Central Jersey  sound trailing up North to enjoy our traffic and polite hand gestures that complement our symphonic car horns. Viva Jersey City and all its wonderful parking!!

Yawn Mower

A few of the new bands that really gave my feet a good reason to jive that I never heard of before were The Components, The Vaughns, and Black Wail. The Components were one of the best live duos I have ever seen. Ronnie Sena jammed out to the hard beats of Zoe Ekonomidis. At one point Ronnie commented on his approval of some of the "Cool Hipsters" in the crowd who were dancing. It was hard to not want to dance even if you are not a "Hipster," which I secretly want to be. The next band to get me to turn around and tell a stranger "These guys rock!!"were The Vaughns. Anna Lies's original vocals sprinkling over the distortion of guitars was a delightful wake up call to look up their music on Spotify. Black Wail also caught my attention. I loved their mix of blues and heavy rock. I was reminded a bit of my love for Black Sabbath and Metallica, as the lead vocals of Michael Tarlazzi had a James Hetfield vibe to them.

The Components
The Vaughns
Black Wail

The night ended with a much needed super late dinner as both Jim and I were starving. We geeked out about our love for music, cameras, and the trip to SXSW next year. We are lucky despite how tiring it can be to cover long shows like this. There are some amazing "Jerzey" bands out there, and we are bringing the forces of all three slices together. We will always keep you covered. Don't forget to support your local artists!!


Jim, Jersey Shore (via Brooklyn) kid here. This was an extremely long but, as Rosi says, ultimately rewarding day. Could my old bones maybe have used a 10- or 15-minute break about halfway through? Sure. But the non-stop barrage of great music, much of it delivered by bands I'd never heard live before, was just more evidence of how lucky we are to live in an area brimming with so much talent. 

The organizers of the event -- Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids -- and the staff at White Eagle Hall had everything running smoothly. The sound and the temperature were both infinitely better than past years. And there were no stairs to climb between every set.

Rosi and I both spent the whole day shooting. It was great to spend so much in-person time with Rosi and geek out about music and cameras and big plans for SXSW 2019. Check out our full photosets in our respective Flickr galleries (Rosi, CoolDad). Together, we captured shots of every single set of the day.

Also, make sure to check out all the bands that played. If you hear something you enjoy, buy some music or merch and help keep New Jersey (North, Central, and South) music going.

Bands who played the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest this year:

Professor Caveman
Guilty Giraffe
Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help
Ultra Major
The Royal Arctic Institute
The Vaughns
Tony Saxon
Secretary Legs
Shithead's Rainbow
The Components
Yawn Mower
Black Wail

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Favorite Songs of 2018 Playlist Update

Sweet Spirit put out a couple of new songs recently and reminded me that I haven't updated this in a while.

Keeps Growing

Been real busy and distracted lately, but I've still been listening to music. Here is an update to this year's favorite songs Spotify playlist. Now, maybe, I'll review some of these albums.

We'll see.

What's Going On: 10/11, 10/12, 10/13 & 10/14, 2018

Wetbrain celebrate their new album on Saturday at The Saint.
Frantic Fall

Just been really, really busy with stuff the past couple weeks, especially with CoolMom on an extended international business trip.

Anyway, here are shows. Well Wisher and Lost Boy ? are in JC tonight. Wetbrain have a release show on Saturday. Asbury Underground is back on Saturday. Lots of other stuff.

Take it easy and don't drink and drive.

THURSDAY (10/11)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Open Mic, 8pm

Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): Avery Mandeville & the Man Devils / Jake McKelvie / Brook Pridemore / Program., 7pm, $10

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): America Part Two / A Boy Named John / Ernston / Jake Newcomb / Danger Field, 6:30pm, $10

El Cortez (Brooklyn): Summer Cannibals / Desert Sharks / Molten / Mr. Payday / Francie Moon, 7pm

FM (Jersey City): Lost Boy ? / Well Wisher / Babraham Lincoln / The Big Easy, 8pm, $8

Meatlocker (Montclair): Full Of Hell / Outer Heaven / Fluoride / Dutchguts / Sunrot / KPG, 9pm

Monty Hall (Jersey City): Honk NYC Brass Band, 7:30pm, $10

New Lanes (Asbury): Watsky / Chukwudi Hodge / Feed The Birds, 8pm

The Saint (Asbury): Vinyl Hang w/ DJ Roshane Karatechops, 8:30pm

Starland Ballroom (Sayreville): Ninja Sex Party / TWRP / Planet Booty, 7pm

The Stone Pony (Asbury): Jack Russell's Great White / Bullet Boys / Enuff Znuf / End Of Sin, 7pm, $26.50-$30

Wonder Bar (Asbury): Doyle / The Zombie Mafia, 7pm, $17-$20

FRIDAY (10/12)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Matt Cook Band / The Brothers Union / Jake Tavill, 9pm

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Sweet Joey's Thing Of Beauty / Spinal Ramones, 9pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Rusted / 6 Gun Sound / Cigar Box Stompers / No Bad Days, 6:30pm

Championship Bar (Trenton): Vein / Judiciary / Fuming Mouth / Buried Dreams, 6pm, $12-$14

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Puppy Grease / Godlings / Jessie McCormick, 8pm

Clash Bar (Clifton): Banding Together Benefit ft. Lion-Hearted / Jenny & The Felines / Evil Annie & The Ants, 9pm, $10

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Band Of Changes ft. Chris Harford, 9pm

New Lanes (Asbury): Joyce Manor / Vundabar, 8pm

Northside Lounge (Manville): The BrickBats / Acid Cactus / The Mary Lous, 8pm

Outpost In The Burbs (Montclair): The Jayhawks, 8pm

Pet Shop JC (Jersey City): Punk Rock Disco: Jay Insult's Halloween Party, 9pm

Randy Now's Man Cave (Bordentown): Ed Hamell / Hamell On Trial, 8pm, $10

The Saint (Asbury): Modern Chemistry / Hodera / Blaise / Mackenzie, 8pm

Starland Ballroom (Sayreville): Buckcherry / The Revel / Brand Of Julez / Ronin, 7pm

The Stone Pony Summer Stage (Asbury): Modest Mouse / Flycatcher, 5pm, $44+

The Stone Pony (Asbury): Dentist, 10pm, free w/ Modest Mouse

Wonder Bar (Asbury): Damn The Torpedoes (Petty Covers), 8pm, $17-$20

SATURDAY (10/13)

The Anchor's Bend (Asbury): DC (Uke & Drum) / FISHTONES, 8pm

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Sam Sims Band, 9pm

Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): The Toasters / Maid of Ace / Backyard Superheroes, 7pm, $15

Asbury Park Downtown (Asbury): Asbury Underground Fall 2018 ft. local acts at local businesses, 12noon

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Predator Dub Assassins, 9pm

Ask (Ask): Squat / Bilge Rat / Big Nick / Watercolor Nightmare, 8pm, $5

BoonTunes (Boonton): Black Lagoon / Fat Chance / Spanish Dracula / DejaGravy, 7pm, $10

Bridgewater American Legion (Bridgewater): America Part Two / Feeny / Future Reflection / My Rising Fall / Machines Never Forget / Loyalty To Me, 7pm, $10

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Tom Connelly / Adjust The Sails / Jackie June / We All Float, 8pm, $10

Bushwick Public House (Bushwick): Adult Magic / Big Nothing / steve. / Cold Wrecks, 8pm, $10

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Experiment 34 / Major Player / Joshua Mark, 8pm

FM (Jersey City): The Essex Green / Great Lakes / Fascinations Grand Chorus, 7pm, $15

The Harp N Bard (Clifton): Hidden Cabins (Album Release) / Reese Van Riper / The 65's / T.GUNN & The Semantics, 8pm

House Of Independents (Asbury): Nothing But Thieves, 7pm, SOLD OUT

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Des & The Swagmatics, 9pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Pissed / Voice Of Addiction / Sophistipunx / Houston & The Dirty Rats, 9pm, $7

New Lanes (Asbury): Public Image Ltd, 8pm

Randy Now's Man Cave (Bordentown): The Peace Creeps, 8pm

Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse (Dunellen): The Godlings / The Carvels NYC / Street Angels / The Accelerators / Natural Born Losers, 7:30pm, $10

The Saint (Asbury): Wetbrain (Album Release) / Dentist / Darkwing / Sunshine Spazz, 7:30pm, $10

The TUSK (Philly): Shapeshifter / The Battery Electric / Spirit World, 8pm, $8

Warsaw (Brooklyn): Mudhoney / Pissed Jeans / Art Gray Noizz Quintet, 7pm

White Eagle Hall (Jersey City): The Feelies Play The Velvet Underground and Other Favorites, 9pm, SOLD OUT

Wonder Bar (Asbury): Big Eyed Phish (Dave Matthews Tribute), 7pm, $18

SUNDAY (10/14)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Sandy Mack, 4pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Rock on for Max Benefit ft. Just 6 Hours / Ciano Cioffi / Brandon Flynn / Leah Nawy / Dress Code / Sons Of Mothers, 12pm, $10

Crossroads (Garwood): Pat DiNizio Birthday Bash ft. The Scotch Plainsmen, 2pm

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): MACK / Colton Kayser, 1pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Escape From The Zoo / Skull Caster / The Upfux / The Barren Marys, 6pm, $8

The Saint (Asbury): Drew The Recluse / Sugar Trip / Solo Dolor / Delaney 2U / AWF / Erwiin, 7pm, $8

Scarlet Pub (New Brunswick): 81 Rich / The Boogieman / Bad Tiger, 8pm, $5

Stanhope House (Stanhope): The Slackers / The Vansaders / Joker's Republic / Lunch Trucks / Troublemen, 5pm

Warsaw (Brooklyn): AJJ / Kimya Dawson / Rozwell Kid / Shellshag, 6pm