Sunday, August 13, 2017

Spotify Playlist: Local Favorites from The Paper Jets

The Paper Jets at House of Independents

Locally Sourced

By Bill Greenwood

Growing up in New Jersey, you're often defined by your response to a simple question: "Bruce or Bon Jovi?" It’s a false equivalency. There's plenty of people here who like both, neither, or are just kind of meh on the whole thing. But the deeper issue is that the question assumes there's no other music coming from the Jersey area, which couldn't be further from the truth.

I’ve been working with The Paper Jets for going on seven years, and in that time, we've been lucky enough to meet some truly amazing musicians who have also become great friends. And while we've toured up and down the East Coast, we haven't found anywhere that can match the sheer talent we've found within an hour's drive of our Princeton, NJ, homebase. From John & Peter's in New Hope, to the basements and Court Tavern in New Brunswick, to the enormous Asbury Park scene and its Brooklyn offshoots, the tri-state area is home to not only rock but also folk, punk, old-school R&B, surf music, and much more. It's this eclecticism that inspires us, and so we decided to dedicate The Paper Jets' first Artist Playlist on Spotify to the incredible bands we have the honor of playing with each week.

So give it a listen below, and the next time someone asks you, "Bruce or Bon Jovi?," look them dead in the eyes and say, "Lowlight."

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Track List & Band Links:
1.) We’re Ghosts Now – Haunt Me
2.) YJY – Passport Photograph
3.) The Paper Jets – Father’s War
4.) The Vaughns – Santa Cruz
5.) Sharkmuffin – Chartreuse
6.) The Production – Good Ol’ Fashioned Bloodletting
7.) Yawn Mower – Shed Is Old
8.) Gay Guy/Straight Guy – Nashville
9.) Roy Orbitron – Copacetic
10.) Lowlight – Motel Chronicles
11.) Fun While You Wait – Target
12.) Casino Sundae – Blame It on the Summertime
13.) dollys – Friendly
14.) The Shady Street Show Band – Don’t Be Fooled by the Rain
15.) Matt Cook Seventy-Five – Glutton
16.) Dentist – Meet You There (in Delaware)
17.) The Rock ’n’ Roll Hi-Fives – You Got Me (Tongue Tied)
18.) Ruby Bones – You I Want
19.) Centennials – Castles in Spain
20.) Dust of Days – Analog Mind Bender
21.) Rebecca Emont – Animal
22.) Quality Living – Oh No
23.) The Clydes – Hiding from the Summer
24.) Cold Weather Company – Wide-Eyed
25.) Rose Boulevard – Sun Comes Out
26.) Levy and the Oaks – Slowly in the Water
27.) Dan Whitley – Take My Life
28.) Jesse Elliot – I Gave You My All
29.) Tara Dente – Never Going Home
30.) American Trappist – Heaven
31.) A Bird – Polluto
32.) The VanSaders – Sunrise
33.) Well Wisher – I’ll Go
34.) Avery Mandeville – A Quarter to Four
35.) Kate Dressed Up – Spirit Bird

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