Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Premiere: First-Ever Single from Finding Feebas

Photo: George Lykogiannis

"Tire Pressure Low"

Brittney Dixon has probably booked your band.

For the last several years, Dixon has been a tireless supporter of local music both as promoter Brittney On Fire and as former GM of New Brunswick's Court Tavern. Dixon's latest foray into the NJ music scene is Finding Feebas, the punk rock band she formed with songwriting partner and rhythm guitarist, Nikki Karwacki. Joining the pair to round things out are Alejandro Ataucusi on lead guitar, Brian Erickson on bass / keys / backing vocals, and RJ Noebles on drums.

On forming the band, Dixon says, "I started Feebas because I realized I NEEDED to have a band as an outlet. Music is my #1 form of therapy and, honestly, there's not really anything like it. I was very fortunate to be able to gather some of my amazingly talented friends to help me create something so cathartic and close to my heart."

Finding Feebas have been at it for just about a year, and they're readying their debut, five-song EP. Today, the band share the EP's lead (and their first-ever) single in the form of "Tire Pressure Low." The song skirts the line between punk and alt-rock with some melodic elements accompanying Dixon's vocal.

Karwacki (The Candystripers, Batting A Thousand) talks about how sharing songwriting duties has been a new experience. "It's been a much different process. I'm used to writing music, lyrics, and vocal melodies all pretty much simultaneously. In Finding Feebas, I've had more freedom to challenge myself in terms of musical composition because Brittney handles everything on the lyrical/vocal end."

Check out how everything comes together on "Tire Pressure Low" right here.

This Friday, January 12th, you can catch Finding Feebas live when they celebrate the single release with The Vaughns and Brian Rothenbeck & The Adventuring Party at Pino's in Highland Park.

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