Monday, August 13, 2012

Eternal Summers, Correct Behavior, 2012

Saturday Run / Sunday Cocktail Hour Album Review

I'm not good with Augusts or with Sundays.  I enjoy the summer and the weekend too much relative to the rest of the year or the rest of the week, and I always get a little depressed as either comes to an end.  As my friend MomVee points out over at Watering Place, August does have a lot going for it.  We usually take a family vacation right before Labor Day.  Sundays, too, are usually nice days.  CoolMom and I took a nice, long bike ride, and we went swimming with the kids.  I just can't get over that feeling that something good is ending.

One of the really nice things about August, though, is that CoolDaughter #1 has a month off from competitive swimming.  This means that I've got a little more freedom on Saturdays than I do the rest of the year.  I thought a band called Eternal Summers may be the perfect antidote for my August melancholy, so I took the latest from the Roanoke trio, Correct Behavior, out for a Saturday run.  I also played it for CoolMom while we enjoyed some pre-dinner margaritas on Sunday night.

Eternal Summers are Nicole Yun, Daniel Cundiff, and Jonathan Woods.  In a general sense, I guess the band would fall into the dream pop category.  Their sound has much more of an edge to it, though, than  than the music of the genre's standard-bearer, Beach House.

The record opens with the bell-like guitar tones of "Millions."  That's a sound that can always pull me right in, and, paired with Yun's vocals, it makes for a strong beginning.  "You Kill" features some big, 1990's guitar riffs, and "Girls in the City," this time with Cundiff doing a spoken-word vocal, goes for a  post-punk, shoegaze sound.  "Good As You" is a beautiful song that sounds like a lost Sundays track.

Correct Behavior comes in at just over thirty minutes, so it was perfect for my just over three-mile run.  As I got home, the last track, appropriately titled "Summerset," was just ending.  I was a little sad.  I'd really enjoyed the album and wished it were longer.  I didn't realize that I had my player set on repeat, so I was pleasantly surprised when that guitar from "Millions" kicked right in again.

Summer's ending.  The weekend is over.  They'll be back, though.  In the meantime, I'll have records like Correct Behavior to remind me of them for a short time while I wait.

Oh, and CoolMom loved it.

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