Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tiny Giant: Janet LaBelle

Appearing with The Everymen, Those Mockingbirds, Others at Tiny Giant Winter Beach Ball

Janet LaBelle, a product of New Jersey's pop punk scene, branched out into some sounds inspired by the 1960's -- from rock to noir to bossa nova -- on her 2011 Blossom and Blue EP.  She maintains the DIY, analog ethic, though, of her pop punk past while looking for new sounds to accompany her more mature lyrics.

She'll be part of the Tiny Giant Artist Collective's Winter Beach Ball this weekend at Asbury Lanes along with, among many others, Those Mockingbirds and The Everymen.

Just one more reason to head to Asbury Park this weekend.  And Asbury Lanes has actual bowling, too -- with balls instead of people.

Check out two non-EP tracks, featuring a solo LaBelle on ukulele, and I'll see you at The Lanes.

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