Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Milk Music / Waxahatchee Take Me Away

It's Been a Long Couple of Days Already

Maybe it's my age, but I've found it harder and harder to get back into the grind lately following any amount of time off. We all had a nice holiday weekend here. I took the girls to see Taylor Swift. We had a big, family dinner on Sunday, and I got my dual nerd fix of The Walking Dead finale and the Game of Thrones premiere.

Now, it's more commuting for CoolMom and more conference calls for me.

During any free time I have today, I'll be turning to the debut release from Olympia, Washington's Milk Music, Cruise Your Illusion, as I prepare to do some sort of review of the album. The album is another entry in the 1990s fuzz / grunge revival that seems to be one of the themes of 2013. It's out now on Fat Possum, and you can still stream it at Pitchfork.

Then, this evening, Mike from Speak Into My Good Eye will be joining me for a trip to 285 Kent in Brooklyn. We'll be seeing my current obsession, Waxahatchee. Look for a review of that one in the coming days.

So, even though things have been quiet at CoolDad Music for the last few days, there's lots brewing.

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