Friday, June 14, 2013

Replacement Replacements Edition

Replacement Reunion Friday

Lots of discussion on the Interwebs the last couple of days about the announcement by Riot Fest that The Replacements would be reuniting for three shows, their first in over two decades. Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson are definite, and I've seen in a few places that Chris Mars is a possibility.

Most of the snark I've seen has centered on the idea that, if it only ends up being Westerberg and Stinson, what the world is really getting will be "The Replacement Replacements." I don't know about you; but if just Paul Westerberg got up there and did a "Replacements" show with a bunch of hired guns, I'd be very into it. CoolMom and I have a stronger connection than most to Mr. Westerberg, though, having basically gone on our first real date to his show at Asbury Park's Fastlane on the 14 Songs tour.

People loved it when Morrissey did a bunch of Smiths songs. People ate it up when Johnny Marr lit into "Shoplifters of the World." I've seen the Guns N' Roses Governors Ball set described as "magnificent." Conversely, Leigh Gorman and the new Bow Wow Wow struggled with fan backlash at Long Branch's Brighton Bar. It will be interesting to see what folks have to say about The Replacements come the end of August.

Looks like we're done with the rain for now. Hug your dad this weekend.

And rock on.


  1. Admittedly knowing very little about it, I feel that Paul Westerberg playing Replacements songs sounds like a very fine show.

    1. I know, right? Even he hasn't toured since like 2007, so this is all a pretty big deal.