Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tiny Giant Summer Bummer

This Weekend, June 22nd at Asbury Lanes

After a long day of business meetings Tuesday in Irving, TX, I went back to my room, put on my New Jersey Hardcore T-shirt, and headed over to the local Tex-Mex establishment for a beverage or two. As I watched the basketball game at the bar, a couple of people said they liked my shirt. They asked me if I was from New Jersey, and we had a nice chat. People everywhere seem to feel a connection with New Jersey and its music.

If you're just about anywhere in New Jersey come this weekend, you'll have an opportunity to get a taste of some of that music that everyone loves so much. The Tiny Giant Artist Collective will be holding their Summer Bummer festival at several iconic venues.

Nemo snowed out Tiny Giant's first attempt back in February. This time, the main event at Asbury Lanes starts at 2pm on Saturday and goes all night. Acts on the bill include The Everymen, Stephen Chopek, Janet LaBelle, Secret Country, Cicada Radio, Lionel Pryor, Those Mockingbirds, Cinema Cinema, and on and on.

You say it sounds great, but you've already got tickets to see Social Distortion at The Stone Pony? Don't worry. Anyone who's in Asbury Park for the Social Distortion Summer Stage performance can use their ticket to gain free admission to Asbury Lanes after the show.

Tiny Giant is also holding smaller scale showcases at New Brunswick's Court Tavern on Friday and both Jersey City's Lamp Post and Hoboken's Maxwell's on Sunday. You can check out the Facebook event to RSVP and to see all of the details.

Even with crowding, hurricanes, nor'easters, whatever, those of us who live in New Jersey are pretty lucky. Great people. Great beaches. Great music. Think about heading out this weekend to celebrate all of that. Do it for your friends down in Texas.

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