Monday, July 15, 2013

Members of The Everymen Reflect on Maxwell's (VIDEO)

"Losing Our Second Home"

Mike V, Catherine Herrick, Jake Fiedler, Tom Barrett, and Joe Centeno of The Everymen took some time prior to their final set at Maxwell's to share some of their thoughts on the closing of a venue that, for several members of the New Jersey band, has felt like a second home. They shared some memories, some thoughts on what the closing of Maxwell's means for local bands like theirs, and what's coming up for The Everymen, including a trip to North Carolina's Hopscotch Festival to play with Pissed Jeans.

This is the very first video I've done for CoolDad Music; and I can't thank Mike, Catherine, Jake, Tom, and Joe enough for being so generous with their time in indulging an inexperienced videographer / interviewer on such an important night for them.

And I'm gonna go ahead and say that whatever rookie mistakes I made were really just calculated attempts to achieve a whole DIY aesthetic. Yeah, let's go with that.

After watching the video, you can check out my review of the evening.

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