Saturday, January 24, 2015

Asbury Park Surf Music Festival's Winter Beach Bash at The Wonder Bar, 1/23/15 (PHOTOS)

We got to watch a bullfight at the Winter Beach Bash.

Black Flamingos, Los Pocos Locos, The Brigantines, Plato Zorba

"We're gonna play one more song, then we're gonna have a bullfight," said Steve Clar / Dirty Sanchez of Los Pocos Locos.

Then there was a bullfight.

Such was the atmosphere at last night's Winter Beach Bash at The Wonder Bar. It was a party for those of us who don't necessarily go away for ski weekends but, instead, pine for the hazy lazy days of summer. It was also a showcase of the deep -- and deepening -- well of talent in our local surf rock community.

In addition to Los Pocos Locos, the crowd got sets from Black Flamingos, The Brigantines, and Plato Zorba. Guitarist Robert Butkowski amazed with both Black Flamingos and Plato Zorba, the Flamingos delivering their traditional surf sounds while Plato Zorba gave things a weird and trippy twist. Los Pocos Locos gave us originals, surf-style covers, and the drama of the corrida. The Brigantines got the crowd dancing by the end of their set.

The snow fell throughout the night, and it was a cold and soggy trip home. The party inside The Wonder Bar, though, was a welcome dose of warmth. Check out photo highlights below. The rest of the pictures are in the galleries.

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