Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Single from New Brunswick's Osaka. Playing Wonder Bar Next Week.

"Always August"

I've had a running debate with various friends as to which month is best here on the Jersey Shore. Often, I come down on the side of September. The weather's still warm. The crowds are gone. The beach is free. But August certainly has its charm.

August is that month where it feels like there's nothing going on. It's vacation month. School hasn't started. Work hasn't ramped up from "summer hours" yet. It's usually super hot.

Looking back, I wouldn't be surprised if many of my most wonderful summer memories happened in August. Days at the beach. Warm nights spent with friends, sitting on the sand, talking about life's great mysteries.

I hereby concede, therefore, to all of those whom I've debated before that, yes, August wins.

Osaka pine for that lazy month in the latest single from their forthcoming Tamal.

"I wish it was always August / And we could learn to float downstream," sings David Pressler over some progressively more frantic guitar and synth.

Pressler's low key delivery (I love the ooo-eee-ooos) coupled with the song's overall lo-fi feel takes me back to some of those warm Augusts of my teens, and when Pressler sings "I wish it was always August / And I could learn to just stay clean," it reminds us that the real world is always there just at the edge of some of our idealized memories.

Osaka come to Asbury Park next Friday, February 6th, when they play The Wonder Bar with Sink Tapes, Lake Effect, and The Gray Company.

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