Friday, February 20, 2015

Interview: Amy Dickman and Chris Yaniak of Little Dickman Records

The Label, The Bands, The Upcoming Tour

This is going to be a big year for our friends over at Asbury Park's Little Dickman Records. They've got releases scheduled from The Battery Electric, Hot Blood, The Off White, Acid, and more in the coming months. They're getting ready to take TV Tramps, The Off White, and Psychiatric Metaphors on a tour to and from Austin for South By Southwest. Little Dickman will be making some big waves in 2015.

Things all get started this weekend with the release show for the sophomore effort from The Battery Electric, The Heart and The Thrill. The band and Little Dickman will be celebrating the release on Saturday, February 21st at Asbury Lanes along with Deal Casino, Black Wail, The Von Mons, and Frankenstein 3000. Then, Little Dickman slams on the gas for their succession of releases in the spring.

I sat down with label heads Amy Dickman and Chris Yaniak the other night, taking advantage of the calm before the storm. We talked about how they decided to start a record label, and we got into some detail about what they have on tap for the year.

Have a listen to what Amy and Chris (well, mostly Amy) had to say, and then come by Asbury Lanes on Saturday night to say hello in person.

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