Friday, February 27, 2015

Roy Orbitron Start PledgeMusic Campaign to Fund Upcoming LP

Girls' Boyfriends

Lots of bands turn to crowd-funding to help them with the costs of making their records these days. I kind of view these things as pre-order campaigns; and, if it's for a record that I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy anyway, I have no problem placing my order up front.

That's definitely the case for me with the upcoming Girls' Boyfriends from Trenton's Roy Orbitron. I did a "pan" of Roy Orbitron's latest EP, Elston Allen Gunnn, a little while back; and most people got the joke. For those who didn't, I really enjoy they way Roy Orbitron and frontman / mastermind Conor Meara take some of the familiar sounds of rock and roll and twist or tweak them into something a little more interesting. The band have done that through four EPs already, and they seem primed for a full-length.

Roy Orbitron's campaign runs for the next two months or so, and funders can do things like pre-order digital downloads or CD copies of the album, submit 20 questions to Conor Meara, or get an acoustic house show or producer credit. Once the campaign reaches its goal amount, 75% of the proceeds above the target will fund City of Angels NJ, which offers a multitude of services to individuals and families dealing with the effects of addiction.

You can get all of the details and /or pre-order your copy of the record at Roy Orbitron's campaign page.

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