Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stream a New Song from The Off White


Lo-fi, garage rock quartet, The Off White, have released the first single from their upcoming lo-fi, garage rock full-length Don't Take Kindly. Asbury Park's Little Dickman Records will be releasing the Long Beach Island band's record on April 7th on both CD and cassette.

"Rumors" is a loud, dark, and dirty antidote to all things pristine and slickly produced. I can only imagine how the cassette version would've rattled the little, dual-cone speakers of the 1987 Toyota Tercel hatchback CoolMom and I drove around the whole time we lived in Seattle. "The Pod" wouldn't have known what hit her.

Next month, The Off White hit the road down to Austin with Psychiatric Metaphors and TV Tramps to bring some NJ noise to points south by southwest.

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