Thursday, March 19, 2015

So, Have You Seen This New Video from The Battery Electric?


This past Monday, our buds in The Battery Electric premiered the video for The Heart and The Thrill opening track, "Heathen," over at ArtistDirect.

If you've been to any Battery Electric live gig, then you've probably seen "Fifth Battery" Boris Thertus tossing his hair around and engaging in just general superhuman acrobatics. The video puts his skills to good use as he attempts to evade capture by dicks (as in "detectives") Billy Straniero and Mat Kiley of Hot Blood. The Chris Spiegel-directed clip takes us through some familiar Asbury Park to Red Bank landmarks and even includes a surprise cameo or two.

Things take an admittedly bizarre turn when our trio finally makes it to Red Bank Rehearsal Studios, but the scene has all the love and rock and roll magic that surround any Battery Electric performance.

If you haven't seen the video already -- even if you have, I guess -- take a look at it below; and see how many familiar faces you can count. Do a little Where's Waldo to see if you can catch a glimpse of yours truly and do take note of the CoolDad Music T-shirt cameo.

You can catch The Battery Electric this Saturday at Jersey City's Moonlight Mile Recording Studio when they play with their good friends in Black Wail and Life Eaters.

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