Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Single from Worriers

Worriers at Knitting Factory Brooklyn in February.

"They / Them / Theirs"

Lauren Denitzio's Worriers have something that I really like. I've always been drawn to a politically-charged message wrapped in an accessible package. Billy Bragg took on big issues like war and peace and capitalism on all of those records that I loved throughout my high school and college years. Worriers take a more personal approach.

"They / Them / Theirs" addresses society's construct of the gender binary. "What if I don't want something that applies to me? What if there's no better word than just not saying anything?" and "We are floating between two ends that don't matter." Denitzio takes that very personal feeling and extends it out to kind of ask, "How about treating people like people before we try to put them into a category or a box?" The band deliver that message as a fast-paced piece of pop punk that should have audiences singing it in unison for everyone to hear.

The song is the first single from Worriers' debut full-length, Imaginary Life, which is due on August 7th from Don Giovanni. The album was produced by Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace.

I saw Grace being interviewed by Larry King once. King asked her what it felt like to be in the "wrong body" or something, and her response was something along the lines of, "I never felt like I was in the 'wrong body.' I just felt like me." Her collaboration with Worriers on "They / Them / Theirs" is a great one, and I look forward to hearing the rest of the record.

Worriers have also announced a tour that brings them to our area a few times. They kick things off tomorrow with a show at Brooklyn's Silent Barn that also features Caves, Sundials, and Alice. After a few weeks spent traversing these United States, Worriers come to Starland as part of the IDOBI Meltdown festival on Friday June 26th with Lifetime, The Menzingers, and Laura Stevenson. They close out the tour with a stop at New Brunswick's In The West on June 29th.

Check out "They / Them / Theirs" below.

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