Monday, July 20, 2015

Sundown at the Carousel 2 with Wreaths, Sharkmuffin, and Lost Boy ?, 7/19/15

Sundown with Wreaths

Sunday Sundown

When we first decided to do these shows at the carousel building, I wasn't sure what to expect. The building is old and infrequently used. What would the power situation be? How would it sound?

The old building has a few issues, sure. But, on the whole, the shows have been amazing. Our first show with Dentist, Overlake, and The Everymen sounded great and convinced me that these shows are a viable thing. Last night's show with Wreaths, Sharkmuffin, and Lost Boy ? continued that. The later start had the added effect of allowing us to experience the actual sundown, and the place took on an eerie and magical look as the sounds of Wreaths bounced around the space.

Davey Jones of Lost Boy ? did a solo electric set consisting of pared down versions of his full band's psychedelic bedroom pop. Like Dentist two weeks ago, the simple vocal and guitar setup worked beautifully inside the reverb chamber of the carousel building. New Little Dickman-signees, Sharkmuffin (whose Chartreuse is out 8/7), played to their moms, dads, and grandmas as well as all of the strangers that had come out for the show. They impressed with their surf-grunge-noise pop, and I look forward to seeing them when they're back in town. Wreaths were made for the space and shook the spiral windows while bathed in magenta and purple lights as helium balloons sailed around the venue. People danced or even just sat outside the building as the sound spiraled out into the night.

I know I'm biased, but the carousel house is really an amazing space. It's wonderful to see curious folks heading home from a day at the beach being suddenly drawn in by the building and the sounds. Stay tuned to see what else we have coming.

Here are some pictures from the evening. You can view full sets at Flickr.

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