Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Debut Single from Finchler Who Play NAMF After-Party at Asbury Park Yacht Club on Saturday, 9/17

"Golden Rings"

Finchler is the full-band project of songwriter, guitarist, and video artist, Adam Finchler. Today the band -- rounded out by David Greenberg on drums and Julian Cartwright on bass -- released their first single, "Golden Rings," with Don Giovanni records. The b-side, if such a thing exists in this world of downloadable digital media, is "Mister Death" and features a horn section comprised of Gabriel Birnbaum (baritone sax), Brian Arnold (flugelhorn), and Robert Butkowski (trombone). The whole thing was recorded and mixed over at Asbury Park's Lakehouse Recording Studios.

The narrator of rocker "Golden Rings" lives a sheltered, comfortable life as the world outside presses in on him. The vampy "Mister Death" features the title character (née Seth) at a moment of career crisis and doubting his place in the world at the ripe old age of 24. Adam Finchler has a knack for addressing personal and introspective topics via his uniquely absurd sense of humor, and that comes through on both tracks.

You can stream / purchase "Golden Rings" over at Finchler's Bandcamp page, and you can check out the band's live set when they perform at Saturday's New Alternative Music Festival free After-party at Asbury Park Yacht Club with Algebra II, Fortune Yeller, and Wild Rice.

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