Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NY / NJ Grrrl Bands Come Together for Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls: Band Cramps Volume 1 Out 11/1.

Artwork: Tex Buell

Rioting for a Good Cause

According to Naomi Scott of Brooklyn's Basic Bitches, "I was thinking about all the great bands I had been playing with around NY and NJ and how great it would be to try to collect us all together in the style of the punk compilations and label samplers so many of us listened to in the 90s /early 00s. Bandcamp seemed the best place to do it, in order to keep costs down, and it seemed like a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause."

Basic Bitches
The result is Band Cramps Volume 1. Scott was able to wrangle together 17 bands for the initial Band Cramps comp. Sharkmuffin, Desert Sharks, The Rizzos, Basic Bitches, and many more contributed tracks. The comp will see a digital release on November 1st with proceeds going to benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is a non-profit music and mentoring program serving over 500 New York City girls, women, and gender non-conforming youth. They run summer camps, after-school programs, and community events; and, thanks to their Fairness Fund, tuition is either free or on a sliding scale. In that way, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is able to encourage campers to take control of their creative process and to build a community regardless of applicants' financial resources.

Band Cramps Volume 1 is a great introduction to some of the amazing bands toiling and ripping it up in NJ and NY. You can discover something new while helping out a great cause.

Pre-orders for Band Cramps Volume 1 are live now over at Bandcamp.

On November 9th, several contributors to Band Cramps Volume 1 will celebrate the compilation's release with a show at Brooklyn's Good Room.

Check out the full line-up of bands below, go pre-order your copy, and head out to the show.

Answering Machine
Basic Bitches
Damsel Trash
Desert Sharks
Ellen And The Degenerates
Four Eyes
Heavy Negatives
Lady Bits
Lady Bizness
The Rizzos
The Subtexts
Tonya Harding

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