Monday, October 17, 2016

Premiere: Fruit & Flowers' 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge Submission

"Way Out"

On October 1st, I was at Wonder Bar to see Tacocat, Dude York, and Sharkmuffin. The members of Fruit & Flowers had made their way down to Asbury Park from Brooklyn to see the show. They were there to see Tacocat and to support their buds in Sharkmuffin even as the clock was ticking down to the deadline for their Speak Into My Good Eye 24-hour Songwriting Challenge submission. At various times throughout the night, guitarist Ana Becker and bassist Caroline Yoder had to excuse themselves from conversation to head out to the parking lot and put some finishing touches on the song in their tour van.

Today, you can hear the final product of all of their efforts in the form of "Way Out." The song starts off with an opening slightly reminiscent of Nirvana before it transforms into Fruit & Flowers' trademark, retro-inspired "surf noir." The voices of Yoder, Becker, and guitarist Lyzi Wakefield combine in a haze of reverb. There's a nice, little bit of guitar freakout just before we get to the outro.

The stuff that comes out of the 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge amazes me every year. I'm a person that has never written a single song (if you don't count the dad-joke type things I make up in the car for the kids), so it's just mind-blowing to me to see people come up with things like this in such a short time. To kind of have witnessed just a little bit of the process makes this one all the more amazing to me.

Have a listen to "Way Out" below.

You can see Fruit & Flowers this Friday at Brooklyn's Sunnyvale when they are part of a bill that also includes Lost Boy ?, Sharkmuffin, Fraidycat, and Dan Francia. That one is a benefit for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for Louisiana flood relief. Next month, Fruit & Flowers are my pick for the Blox Cord 1 showcase (presented by Speak Into My Good Eye) at the Footlight in Ridgewood, Queens on November 3rd. That's an excellent bill that also features Slonk Donkerson, Leland Sundries, and The Vaughns.

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