Thursday, January 12, 2017

What's Going On: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14 & 1/15, 2017

Yawn Mower play APYC on Friday. It's a big night.

Light of Day

It's that time of year again. The Light of Day Foundation is holding its annual Winter Fest in Asbury Park to raise money and awareness for the fight against Parkinson's Disease. I've listed many of the shows below, but you can head to the foundation's website to get a complete listing of what's going on. Will he or won't he? It's the question that hangs over almost every show ever in Asbury Park. We'll see. There's some other stuff to check out, too.

Things get started on Thursday night with the weekly open mic at The Asbury Hotel. Court Tavern in New Brunswick enters its last weekend of shows with ManDancing, Noravilla, Silent Knight, Motor Heart Man, and Centennials. Our friends over at Speak Into My Good Eye host their third Blox Cord showcase at The Footlight Bar in Queens. This one features Desert Sharks, Scam Avenue, Sink Tapes, and The '94 Knicks. Light of Day holds their kickoff celebration at House of Independents with Dramarama, Willie Nile, Joe D'Urso, Remember Jones, and Hollis Brown.

Friday night is a big night. Big night. Important night. The Asbury has two shows going on. United For Life is a fundraiser for LGBTQ youth in Asbury with Black Suburbia, Posse Galore, Kidz From The Burbs, and Off Topz in the Asbury Hall. Ashley McKinley, The Sam Sims Band, Ian Bamberger Trio, and Bobby Mahoney play a Light of Day show in The Soundbooth. In the late afternoon, at The Gallery on 5th, Renee Maskin, Tara Dente, Rachel Ana Dobken, and Cranston Dean play at photographer Danny Clinch's "Transparent" exhibition. School Drugs, After The Burn, The Aristocants, and Mike Terry play Trenton's Millhill Basement. Remember Jones is doing Mad Dogs and Englishmen at The Paramount in Asbury. 

Also on Friday, Yawn Mower are playing APYC with The Tide Bends and Canoe Club. I'll be spending some time over there if there were some reason you wanted to come by and say hi or something.

On Saturday night, Experiment 34 celebrate the release of Charismanic 2.0 at Asbury Park Yacht Club. They'll be joined by Will Wood and The Tapeworms. Dentist head up to Brooklyn to play Circle/Waves' release show at Bar Matchless. Also on that bill are Mean Siders. Fruit & Flowers play a big show at Brooklyn Bazaar with Juan Waters and Monograms. It's the last night at Court Tavern with Finding Feebas, Tango Machina, The Cryptkeeper Five, The Turnbucklers, and Death by Fiction. Sharkmuffin invite you all to their video shoot for "Little Bird" at Brooklyn's Little Skips! on Saturday afternoon. Also on Saturday afternoon, it's the Light of Day edition of Asbury Underground as just about every Asbury band and some special guests play sets in some of the downtown spaces. Magic Mountain hold their CD release at Pino's in Highland Park with RGD and Albie. The Porchistas celebrate the release of Axis & Allies at their home studio in Montclair with Michaela McClain and Peanut Butter & Jelly. The Vansaders, Soraia, Jon Caspi & The First Gun, and a very special guest headliner play a LOD show at The Saint. Do you have a guess who it might be? Anything? Anything?

Saturday is also the Light of Day main event at The Paramount with Joe Grushecky, Jesse Malin, Jake Clemons, The Battery Electric, Bobby Bandiera, Willie Nile, Remember Jones, and more... ...maybe lots more... *wink, wink*

Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why play The Asbury with Des & The Swagmatics on Sunday afternoon. Des is at The Saint that evening as well with Random Test Reggae and Underground Logic.

I absolutely did not cover everything that's going on, so make sure you check out the Light of Day website for full details. Maybe I'll see you Friday night. It's a big night like I said.

Oh, and one more thing. Today is CoolPoppy's birthday. He's a great dad, a super grandfather, and my best bud. He does so much for us here, and he makes our lives as parents so much easier. Here's wishing him the best day.


The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Open Mic, 8pm, FREE

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): ManDancing / Noravilla / Silent Knight / Motor Heart Man / Centennials / burlesque, 7:30pm, $8

The Footlight Bar (Ridgewood, Queens): Blox Cord 3 ft. Desert Sharks / Scam Avenue / Sink Tapes / The '94 Knicks, 8pm, $10 

House of Independents (Asbury): LOD Kickoff ft. Dramarama / Willie Nile / Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan / Remember Jones / Hollis Brown, 7pm, $20 adv, $25 door

Kilkenny Ale House (Newark): Joy Cleaner / C.R. and The Degenerates / Secretary Legs / Solenoids, 8pm, $5

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): LOD: Blue Hawk Records, 9pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Gift Shop / Pilot Angie! / Sweet Tooth / Hold On, Caulfield, 8:30pm

Roxy & Duke's Roadhouse (Dunellen): RE:Groove / Strip66, 9pm, $10

The Saint (Asbury): LOD: The Mercury Brothers / Phoebe Nix / Baron Praxis / M.A. Tappan & The Dirty Shine / Pamela Flores / Cigar Box Stompers, 7pm

The Silent Barn (Brooklyn): Beech Creeps / Bambara / Shop Talk / Fruit & Flowers, 8pm, $8

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): LOD: Wonder Jam Deluxe ft. Turtle Soup / Strumberry Pie / Waiting on Mongo / Mark Diomede / lots more, 7pm, $10 adv, $12 door

FRIDAY (1/13)

The Asbury Hotel, Asbury Hall (Asbury): United For Life: A Fundraiser to Benefit LGBTQ Youth in AP ft. Black Suburbia / Posse Galore / Kidz From The Burbs / Off Topz, 7pm, $12 adv, $18 door

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): LOD: Ashley McKinley / The Sam Sims Band / Ian Bamberger Trio / Bobby Mahoney, 9pm, FREE

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Yawn Mower / The Tide Bends / Canoe Club, 9pm, FREE

The Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Josephine & The Fleeting Feeling / Serious Matters, 7pm, $10 adv, $12 door

Clash Bar (Clifton): Don't Upset The Bear / Windsor Circle / S.O.B. Mobile

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): The Dark Matters / Chevonne and The Fuzz / The Wichts / New Politicians / Stillwells, 8pm, $10

The Gallery on 5th & Kingsley (Asbury): LOD: Danny Clinch "Transparent" Exhibition ft. Renee Maskin / Tara Dente / Rachel Ana Dobken / Cranston Dean, 4pm, FREE

House of Independents (Asbury): LOD: Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Tribute) / Matt O'Ree Band, 7pm, $20

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): LOD: Peter Scherer's Carousel, 9pm, FREE

Millhill Basement (Trenton): School Drugs / After The Burn / The Aristocants / Mike Terry, 9pm, $6

Paramount Theatre (Asbury): LOD: Remember Jones in Mad Dogs & Englishmen, 6pm, $29-$49

The Saint (Asbury): LOD: Personal Space / Chemtrail / No More Pain / more, 7:30pm, $8 adv, $12 door

The Stone Pony (Asbury): LOD: Asbury Angels Induction ft. Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers / Boccigalupe & The Bad Boys / lots more, 6:30pm, $25 adv, $30 door

Tim McCloone's Supper Club (Asbury): LOD: Albert Lee Band / The Tangiers Blues Band, 8pm, $20-$35

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): LOD: Open Mic, 6:30pm, $15


The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Stringbean Blues, 8pm, FREE

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Experiment 34 (EP Release) / Will Wood and The Tapeworms, 9pm, FREE

Bar Matchless (Brooklyn): Circles/Waves (EP Release) / Dentist / Mean Siders, 8pm, $8

The Brighton Bar (Long Branch): 18th & Addison / Suspect / Dig Deep, 7pm, $8

Brooklyn Bazaar (Brooklyn): Juan Waters / Fruit & Flowers / Monograms, 8pm, $12

Court Tavern (New Brunswick): Finding Feebas / Tango Machina / The Cryptkeeper Five / The Turnbucklers / Death by Fiction, 8pm, $10

Downtown Asbury (Asbury): LOD: Asbury Underground Crawl ft. over 100 musicians at downtown businesses, 12 noon, FREE

House of Independents (Asbury): LOD: James Maddock / Chuck Prophet / Jeffrey Gaines / Anthony D'Amato / Kiyomi Valentine / Lisa Bianco, 1pm, $25 adv, $30 door

House of Independents (Asbury): LOD: Asbury Underground After Party ft. Jackson Pines / Porter & Sayles / American Trappist / The Sunday Blues / Jesse Lee, 7pm, $5

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): LOD: Taylor Tote Band / Brielle Von Hugel Band, 10pm, FREE

Little Skips! (Brooklyn): Sharkmuffin "Little Bird" video shoot, 12 noon

Monty Hall (Jersey City): Sunshine & The Rain / Quitty and The Don'ts / DJ Jonathan Toubin, 9pm, $10

Paramount Theatre (Asbury): LOD: Bob's Birthday Bash ft. Joe Grushecky / Jesse Malin / Jake Clemons / Remember Jones / Battery Electric / Emily Grove / more (????), 6pm, SOLD OUT

Pino's Gift Basket (Highland Park): Magic Mountain / RGD / Albie (from Angular Brothers), 8pm, FREE

Porchistas' Home Studio (Montclair): The Porchistas (EP Release) / Michaela McClain / Peanut Butter & Jelly, 7pm, $5

Roxy & Duke's Roadhouse (Dunellen): STaRMaN Celebrates David Bowie's Birthday, 9pm, $15 adv, $20 door

The Saint (Asbury): LOD: Women of Song - Homegrown NJ Songwriters, 12 noon, $8 adv, $12 door 

The Saint (Asbury): LOD: The Vansaders / Soraia / Jon Caspi & The First Gun / Surprise Headliner, 6:30pm, $8 adv, $12 door

The Stone Pony (Asbury): The Smokin' Jackets (80s covers), 7pm, $10

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): LOD: Asbury Blues ft. Lots of Blues Acts, 12 noon, $12 adv, $15 door

The Wonder Bar (Asbury): LOD: Full Tilt Boogie ft Billy Hector / Christine Martucci / Colossal Street Jam / lots more, 6:30pm, $12 adv, $15 door

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