Thursday, March 2, 2017

SXSW 2017 Playlist

Beach Slang will be back at SXSW in 2017.

First SXSW Preview

I'm not buying this warm-ish weather / early spring thing. March definitely has another blast of cold in store for us, which is why I'm happy to be heading down to Austin, Texas in less than two weeks for some tacos, bbq, warm weather, and lots of live music.

Since I'll be spending almost a week away from the coolfamily, I'm trying to be a little more proactive this year in terms of coverage. Let's start easy with a playlist compiled from a list of artists I'd love to try and see, photograph, interview, whatever while I'm down there. There's absolutely no chance I'll get to see all of these acts, but it's nice to have high aspirations.

I left the really big names like Wu-Tang and Weezer off of here in favor of some friends, favorites, and recent discoveries that may not have millions of fans yet. You'll recognize some regulars from this site like Sharkmuffin, Ex-Girlfriends, Psychiatric Metaphors, The Off White, A Deer A Horse, Nicole Atkins, and High Waisted. Others I've mentioned before -- some many times -- like Priests, Sammus, Mal Blum, White Reaper, Yucky Duster, Stove, Downtown Boys, Outer Spaces, and Beach Slang. Still more are mostly new (to me) acts I discovered through the deluge of pre-SXSW submissions I've been receiving this year (Yes. I read them.) like Go Fever, Mise En Scene, and The Blind Owls. New Jersey puts in a strong showing on this list with some of the bands already mentioned along with The Moms, We're Ghosts Now, and Fun While You Wait.

The whole playlist is about four hours long. Stay tuned as I'll be giving a rundown next week of what many of these bands (and, therefore, I) will be up to down in Austin.

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