Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Premiere: New Single from Spowder. Album out 4/20.

Photo courtesy of the band

"Miracle Grow"

It was back in 2014 when Spowder began rattling the basements of New Brunswick. The four-piece of Jenna Fairey (drums), Gillian Smith (bass), Jaime Houghton (guitar), and Declan McCleary (vocals) spent the ensuing years self-producing and self-releasing a series of singles and EPs showcasing their singular sound. Those releases, coupled with Spowder's chaotic live performances, have won the band a devoted fanbase in Central Jersey.

That devotion was on full display back in February when the band had the chance to open for their New Brunswick paisanos, Screaming Females, at Jersey City's Monty Hall. To say that Spowder made the most of their opportunity would be an understatement. If you weren't already one of the many Spowder fans in the crowd when their set started, you were a convert by the time it was over. Screaming Females' bassist, King Mike, was screaming "Keep playing!!" as the band thought they were finishing up their set.

Spowder at Monty Hall in February

Today, I'm excited to be able to premiere the first single from Spowder's debut full-length Health Palm. "Miracle Grow" is everything that made that set at Monty Hall so memorable -- the innovative rhythm section, the wall of bouncing guitar, and McCleary's at times snarling and at times yelping vocal delivery. It's punk. It's rock. It's a gut punch that makes you want to move.

Have a listen to "Miracle Grow" right here.

Spowder's Health Palm is due from our friends at Sniffling Indie Kids on 4/20. Spowder celebrate the release (and Declan McCleary's birthday) with a show that very same day at GOLDS in New Brunswick. Also on that one are Bilge Rat, Glazer, and Kult Of Mary.

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