Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Video from Fruit & Flowers. Debut EP due 6/30 from Little Dickman Records.

"Out of Touch"

In case it hasn't been clear to you from visiting this site or from following the CoolDad Music Instagram, I freaking love Brooklyn's Fruit & Flowers. They've blown me away at shows in Brooklyn and in Asbury Park. I saw them about a million times at this year's South By Southwest, including a show at Austin's Stay Gold where the entire crowd was chanting for more, more, more. I've even booked them on a couple of shows.

Fruit & Flowers at Stay Gold Austin

What's been hard, though, as I try to explain my deep and abiding love for this band, has been the scarcity of any recorded music to which I can point people. There's "Turquoise" over at the Fruit & Flowers Bandcamp page, and I got to premiere "Way Out" off of the most recent Speak Into My Good Eye 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge comp; but that's pretty much been it until now.

Yesterday Fruit & Flowers gave us the Thomas Ignatius-directed video for live set staple "Out Of Touch." Both the song and the video perfectly capture the vibe of the band's self-described "Surf Noir." Ana Becker's lead guitar is eerily sunny, and the little flourishes that crop up throughout the song are masterful. Jose BerrĂ­o (drums) and Caroline Yoder (lead vox / bass) are a ferocious rhythm section; and the contrast with the intertwining, dreamy vocals of Yoder, Becker, and Lyzi Wakefield (guitar / vox) is the key to Fruit & Flowers's hypnotic sound.

"Out of Touch" serves as the lead single for the band's upcoming Drug Tax EP, which is due from our friends at Little Dickman Records on June 30th.

Fruit & Flowers play The Gutter Bar tomorrow, 5/19, and The Bronze on Saturday, 5/20 -- both of those venues are in Brooklyn.

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