Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Premiere: New Song from Little Silver. They Play The Asbury on 7/20.

Photo: Addie Juell

"You Slept Through Summer"

CDMHQ is in Little Silver, NJ. It's a small, riverside borough near the Jersey Shore. Small creeks run throughout the town, and there's still a good bit of marshy woodsiness in a few spots. Little Silver is also the town where I grew up; and, I guess, it exerts some kind of pull on people because -- after years of living away from the town -- I came back. Erika Simonian and her husband, Steve Curtis, decided to name their band after the town where Erika spent her childhood.

Simonian went off into the world and has played with bands like The Erics. Curtis is a founding member of the influential Americana / folk band Hem. The four-piece Little Silver, with Ray Rizzo (drums) and David Tarica (bass), make music that's perfect for those contemplative moments you can find as you sit in your small town backyard alone after the guests have left your summer party.

The band will be releasing their debut full-length, Somewhere You Found My Name, on July 21st; and today we're premiering "You Slept Through Summer" from that collection. The song is a slow build as the band fills the space around the vocals of Simonian and Curtis until things take off into the atmosphere.

Of the song, the band says, "'You Slept Through Summer' is a song about attempting to reach someone you love, as you watch them wall themselves off or drift away. It's a call to fight, to wake up, to come home."

You can listen to "You Slept Through Summer" below, and you can pre-order Somewhere You Found My Name from the band.


Little Silver will be celebrating the release of Somewhere You Found My Name with a show, brought to you by yours truly, at The Asbury Hotel on Thursday, July 20th. Joining Little Silver on that bill will be Renee Maskin of Lowlight and Rachel Ana Dobken. It's kind of a homecoming show for Erika. There's no cover. I'll see you there.

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