Sunday, September 3, 2017

LIVE: New Songs from Dentist and The RockNRoll HiFives at Asbury Park Yacht Club, 9/2/17

Summer Send-Off

I know. It was crappy out last night. Rain. Wind. You said to yourself, "I'm just gonna stay home and watch a movie. Maybe have a drink or two."

Well, it was nice and dry in a pretty packed out Asbury Park Yacht Club. And, even though you punked out and didn't make it, I've got you covered with some new stuff that our buddies Dentist and The RockNRoll HiFives trotted out for the show.

Looks like it's clearing up outside, and tomorrow is gonna be a beauty. Make sure you make the most of those last moments of summer.

The RockNRoll HiFives, "Same Mistakes"

Dentist, "Alone in the Garden"

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