Friday, September 1, 2017

Premiere: New Single from L.A.'s Runnner

Runnner by Sara Cook


The Los Angeles-based duo of Noah Weinman (guitar / banjo / bass / trumpet / vocals) and Nate Lichtenberger (drums) perform as Runnner. They're set to release Awash on September 8th. Today, we have the premiere of the album's title track. "Awash" is airy, dreamy, and forlorn as it combines folk with some interesting studio manipulations.

Wienman says, "I've been tinkering with that background trumpet loop for about a year now. I think I wrote three or four different songs with that texture. This one ended up being my favorite."

The result is reminiscent of some late-2000s indie folk like Fleet Foxes. The vocal harmonies, the trumpet loop, the electric guitar -- there are lots of ideas at work on "Awash" that come together nicely. Check out the song below, and look for Awash next Friday.

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