Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Coupla Things from Bethlehem Steel and Francie Moon

Bethlehem Steel by Montana Elliot

Tuesday Morning Stuff

I thought I wrote this post already, but I guess I'm losing it. I'd fully intended to tell you about Bethlehem Steel's "Alt Shells;" and, while I sat here, they went ahead and released a second single. Francie Moon haven't put anything out since their latest thing... ...I think... ...so here you go.

Bethlehem Steel, "Alt Shells" & "Fig"

Brooklyn via Buffalo trio, Bethlehem Steel, are Rebecca Ryskalczyk (vocals/guitars), Jon Gernhart (drums) and Patrick Ronayne (bass). They'll be releasing Party Naked Forever via Exploding In Sound Records on 11/10; and, in the past few weeks, the band have shared two of the album's singles.

"Fig" is jagged and angsty, like the sounds of a busy brain. "Alt Shells" starts quietly and then bursts into something more forceful. Both songs feature Ryskalczyk's songwriting enveloped in the quirky and anxious sounds of the band. I can almost hear both tracks in quieter / singer-songwriter style arrangements, but -- similar to a band like Hop Along -- the full-band set up here really makes these songs come alive.

Francie Moon, "New Morning Light"

Melissa Lucciola has been performing with her project, Francie Moon, for a few years now. Lucciola gives off the vibe of (as I think Roy Orbitron's Conor Meara once said to me) a "rock n roll lifer," passionate about and dedicated to the music.

Last week, Francie Moon shared a video for the unreleased "New Morning Light." Director Eric Durkin manages to capture the visceral energy of a Francie Moon live performance. Rich Slurry, who recorded, mixed, and played drums on the track, gives everything a wild, spooky, shack-shaking feel.

If you get a chance to catch a Francie Moon live set, don't wait. Just go.

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