Sunday, October 8, 2017

Q & A With Captain Fun, Ron Santee on The Battery Electric and Eagles Of Death Metal

Ron Santee and The Battery Electric open for Eagles Of Death Metal tonight at House Of Independents in Asbury.

By Matt Chrystal

There's been a highly visible "bromance" brewing between Asbury Park's hard-partying, breakout band, The Battery Electric, and their high-profile, rock n roll heroes in Eagles Of Death Metal.

Eagles Of Death Metal's frontman, Jesse Hughes, was spotted flipping through a Battery Electric promotional coloring book as far back as 2014's Coachella festival and has also been caught rocking a Battery Electric "Heathen" t-shirt while on stage at several performances since then.

The Battery Electric recorded their version of Eagles Of Death Metal's "I Love You All the Time," as an expression of unity after the terrorist attack that occurred during an Eagles Of Death Metal show in Paris in 2015.

Just recently, The Battery Electric spent a portion of their summer opening for Eagles Of Death Metal at a series of shows in the Midwest.

And now there's a big buzz throughout Asbury Park as both bands are set to reunite and rock out at a sold-out show tonight at House of Independents. Speaking of getting buzzed in Asbury Park, I recently bellied up to the bar with Ron Santee, aka Captain Fun, of The Battery Electric to have a few bourbons and chat with him about how this rock n roll-relationship-of-mutual-admiration came to be and how happenstance (not to mention, a lot of hard work and hard rocking) is about to take his band to the next level.

Cool Matty C: You have admitted to being a big fan of Eagles Of Death Metal before this friendship between your band and theirs came together. What was it that drew you to them?

Ron Santee: I found out about them through Queens Of The Stone Age, and Eagles Of Death Metal became one of my favorite bands right after my first listen of their first album, Peace, Love, Death Metal. It was just right up my alley; feel-good, garage rock n roll.

CMC: From what I have heard, it seems like your friendship with Eagles Of Death Metal happened both randomly and organically. Could you share how you initially hooked up with them?

RS: My friend Katie was living out in Los Angeles and posted a pic of her hanging with Jesse Hughes. I saw it and was like, "Whoa, that dude is one of my heroes!" She didn't even know he was in a band. She played him some Battery Electric music, and I guess he dug it from the get-go 'cause he then posted a bunch of our music videos on Facebook!

That was really fuckin' cool and super rad of him. He's a true genuine dude!

CMC: You recently went on a mini-tour with Eagles Of Death Metal and opened up shows for them in Detroit, Louisville, and Indianapolis. How did that go and what were your take-aways from that experience?

RS: The tour was so rad! I feel we are a really good match for their fanbase. We both are feel-good, no bullshit, back-to-basics rock n roll. We were honored to be asked to do that!

CMC: What does it mean for you to have this sold-out show with one of your favorite bands in your hometown of Asbury Park, NJ?

RS: It's really just kind of unreal, to be completely honest. They really are one of our biggest influences. I'm really psyched for people to see their live show. They are incredible live.

CMC: What's next for the dynamic duo of Eagles Of Death Metal and The Battery Electric? Can we expect a new Battery Electric album anytime soon? And if so, can you let us in on some details?

RS: We will actually be recording the new album next month at Rancho De La Luna (in Joshua Tree, California) with Dave Catching and Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal producing it. We have got a ton of new tunes to pick from and a few older ones to throw on it as well. The whole thing is rad! As Jesse says, "It's like being invited into the big club of rock n roll." We are super blessed to be able to have this all happen and are truly grateful.

The Battery Electric and Eagles Of Death Metal will be performing TONIGHT at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ. The show is SOLD OUT.

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