Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Premiere: New Video from C.R. and The Degenerates

C.R. and The Degenerates at Wonder Bar


C.R. and The Degenerates started out as the mostly solo effort of prolific singer / songwriter Chris "C.R." Gennone. Gennone called on friends to help realize his vision over the course of the project. Slowly but surely, a band came together. C.R. and The Degenerates will release their fourth and final album, The World According to C.R., via Sniffling Indie Kids in January and then give way to the new band they've become.

Today, we've got the video for The World According to C.R. track, "Once." Gennone says,"I wrote this song driving back from my grandma's house last Thanksgiving, just thinking about where I come from and all that. 

The World According to C.R. is mostly a collection of songs about finding yourself and trying to make sense of it. It's an album of acceptance and a good note to end this degenerate trip on."

"Once" features video clips from Gennone's childhood interspersed with footage from The Degenerates' August tour with LKFFCT. The song is C.R. and The Degenerates' alt-country-shoegaze; and, in it, Gennone pines for the time "before I was a jaded asshole."

Check out "Once" right here. Look for The World According to C.R. in January, and be on the lookout for more news on Gennone & Co.'s new band.

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