Friday, December 1, 2017

New Video from Little Silver

Little Silver at the Asbury Park release show for Somewhere You Found My Name back in July

"One Stepper"

Hey. I've been sharing lots of the one-off things like individual videos and songs over at Check This Out, but I wanted to give this one a special shoutout. Our good friends in Little Silver just released a video for Somewhere You Found My Name track "One Stepper."

The song is upbeat power pop in the vein of something like The New Pornographers, but it deals with some pretty serious subject matter. The video, directed by Alexis Fleisig, places Steve Curtis and Erika Simonian inside one of those old, tube TV things. Remember those? I do. We even had one where we had to jam half of a clothespin under the tuner dial in order to get the channels to come in clearly, so the constant adjustments in the video ring true.

Little Silver's Somewhere You Found My Name is available now. I've started working on my year-end list of favorite albums, and I'll be using that to talk about some of the many, many records I listened to this year that I was either too lazy or too distracted to write about here. So... yeah...

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