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The Top 5 RV Parks on The RockNRoll HiFives' 2017 Tourcations

Evren Centeno

Get the Hook-Up

By Evren Centeno (Intro by CoolDad)

Above everything else, the people I've met while running CoolDad Music are what have made doing this so rewarding. The RockNRoll HiFives are not only the rockingest family BAND in all the land, they're also just the greatest family you'll ever meet. We've had a great year together, CoolDad Music and The RockNRoll HiFives. The band played our 5th anniversary party back in March, and they've become great friends of the site and to me personally.

I say this all the time, but the RockNRoll HiFives inspire me. The Centenos love music, and they make it together. They share the joy that comes from that by sharing their music with the world through records and live shows.

They play lots of live shows; and, during school breaks, The RockNRoll HiFives hit the road in their trusty RV. On these family "tourcations," the band stay in lots of RV parks which makes them kind of experts on the best place to hook up for the night.

HiFives' drummer, Evren Centeno, is here to tell us about the Top 5 RV parks that The RockNRoll HiFives enjoyed during their tourcations of 2017. The band have big plans for touring in 2018, so look for that big RV rolling down the highway and make sure you catch them when they come to your town.

1. Lazy Days RV Park, Tampa, Florida

This is, no doubt, the best RV park ever (I mean, unless someone knows another place). This RV park was located about a 15-minute drive away from downtown Tampa. They had a pool, jacuzzi, basketball and tennis courts, and even a newspaper delivery service.

All this for $29.99!

Plus, it's next door to an RV superstore and service center. Super convenient. This was like a structured community. Also, the RV park had a restaurant in it. It was RV-themed, and it was pretty good. The fried shrimp were amazing. Lastly, we met probably the best musician ever... Bobby Buffet. If any of you watch our Facebook Lives you will get the joke. Bobby Buffet is the cousin of American songwriter Jimmy Buffet. People argue that Jimmy is the better of the family, but we all know that Bobby takes the cake.

2. Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, Florida

Ever wanted to go the beach in Florida, and then you realize, "I'm too lazy to go the beach?" Well, Anastasia State Park is the place for you. Anastasia State Park is located in St. Augustine, Florida. It's right by the Alligator Farm (which I'm pretty sure Jim told us to go to) and downtown St. Augustine. The whole park looks like a jungle. There are vines and leaves hanging everywhere. But the best part is that, a 10 minute walk away, there is a beach located in this State Park. And it's free because it is a state park. How amazing is that? A great park and a great city.

3. Smoky Mountain Premier RV Park, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

I mean it's in the Smoky Mountains, how can it not be cool? The park is right in the Smoky Mountains. It has a very nice pool, a huge convenience store, hiking trails, and some very nice people. It offers ATV rides up the mountain (which come at a hefty cost), and it is close to great white-water rafting places. Also, if you ever wanted incredible views of the Smokies, just come here. You will not be dissapointed.

4. Red Coconut RV Park, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Well... this one is more of a story.

Here we go.

Mom knows that we're going to be in Florida and wants to make the trip super fun, so she books us a night at this RV park. It was expensive for an RV park, but it was very cool. It was right on the water. And I mean right on the water. Well, I guess not physically right on the water, but extremely close to the Gulf. There wasn't much other than that, but what more could you ask for?

We got there at night, so no time to hit the beach. I wake up in the morning and it's raining, not so hard. About 5 minutes later, that changed. It rained bullets. It was so loud and we could do nothing. We had to unhook (electricity and water is connected to the RV through a pipe) because we couldn't leave if we didn't, and the water was rising all around us. Dad decided to get in his bathing suit to unhook. He came back and he was soaked. Drenched. We left immediately, and any of you hardcore Hi-Fivers will remember when we drove through water so deep it looked as if maybe our RV just rolled into the ocean. We got most of our money back (thanks Red Coconut), and we drove off. We will always wonder "What if?"

5. Any Super Walmart parking lot.  Free and fabulous.

Not the best, but it works. This totally explains Walmart. It's free. I mean what competes with free. Sleeping in the WalMart parking lot wasn't such a memorable experience for me because I got sick. Without any hook-ups in the hot South the RV was a hotbox to sleep in; but, again, it was free. I mean, you can't have a list like this and just leave out a free night's stay.

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