Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Stuff from Dentist, Grace Vonderkuhn, Russian Baths. They All Play The Saint on 2/22.

Dentist recently released a new video for "The Latter."

You're So Lucky

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the amazing show that Good Eye Records and I will be throwing at The Saint on 2/22. It features the absolutely stacked line-up of Dentist, The Black Clouds, Russian Baths, Baked, and Grace Vonderkuhn. The show will serve as the release show for Russian Baths' upcoming Penance, which is due on 2/23 from Good Eye Records. Wouldn't you know it. Russian Baths and two of the other performers on the bill released some new stuff in the last week or two.

Dentist, "The Latter"

Our friends in Dentist have been hard at work recording the follow-up to their excellent sophomore album, Ceilings. Side note: They've been doing most of the recording like, seriously, five minutes from my house; and they never call me for a cup of coffee or anything. Anyway...

One of the new songs that's been a staple of their live set for a while now is "The Latter." A few months ago, Dentist worked with filmmaker Dana Yurcisin (who wrote, edited, and directed), producer Biff Swenson, and the folks at Hologram Visuals to produce a stunning video clip for the song.

In the video, Emily Bornemann confronts herself and her vices in a seriously mind-bending series of images. This one is up there with some of the best visual representations of a song I've seen.

Dentist // The Latter from Dana Yurcisin on Vimeo.

Grace Vonderkuhn, "Cellophane"

Grace Vonderkuhn's Reveries arrives via Egghunt Records on 2/23. Last week we got the album's second single, "Cellophane." The song is a five-minute slow build that showcases Grace Vonderkuhn's loud, noisy garage pop.

Sometimes, we put up invisible barriers between ourselves and the rest of the world -- "There is no pain when you're wrapped in cellophane." As the song progresses, you can feel the tension that comes with holding everything in reach an almost bursting point.

Russian Baths, "What's Your Basement"

We also recently got the second single from Russian Baths' upcoming Penance. "What's Your Basement" is a pummeling slice of noise rock from the Brooklyn quartet. It's dark and angular and discordant in all the ways that make sounds like this so cathartic.

Like I said above, Penance is due from Good Eye Records on 2/23. It's shaping up to be a great listen, and I'm looking forward to feeling these songs live.

So there you have it. Combine all that stuff with the fact that Asbury's The Black Clouds and Brooklyn's Baked are also on the bill at The Saint, and you really should be feeling lucky. Come hang with us on 2/22 at The Saint in Asbury Park and count your blessings.

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