Thursday, April 19, 2018

Premiere: New Video from The Burns. They Play APYC on Friday, 4/20, with Wetbrain and latewaves

"I'll Be Back"

Jersey Shore four-piece, The Burns (Joey Henderson, Matt Fernicola, Chris Dubrow, Billy McCabe), released their debut album, Splenderson, last summer. Since then, they've been hard at work playing shows and getting ready to record the follow-up. Starting back in February, the band committed to releasing something new every month in the run-up to recording their second record. February brought the live video for "Wolves." Single "Hard On You" came out in March. Today, we have the video for "I'll Be Back."

Directed by Kevin Carlin, "I'll Be Back" features the band set up in 8 different locations -- like their home base at The Saint, Henderson's parents' basement where they first formed the band, and Dubrow's Firehouse Studio -- that hold particular meaning for them. They shot the entire thing over the course of just 10 "insane" hours.

According to the band, "I'll Be Back" is "a song about going as far as you can and knowing you're gonna make it back home one day, and it's a video about all the different places we feel lucky to call home." It's got an appropriately rambling feel about it anchored by some sweet guitar work.

Check out the brand new video for "I'll Be Back" right here. Check out The Burns when they play Asbury Park Yacht Club tomorrow, 4/20, with Wetbrain and latewaves. That show is FREE.

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