Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Here's reasonable people's Stuff. And Their First Single.


Our friends and Sniffling Indie Kids co-honchos, Frank DeFranco and Joe Lanza, have a new project called reasonable people. This past Friday, they released their first single called, appropriately, "Output0ne."

The track is instrumental shoegaze, combining some chiming guitars with pulsing, trebly noise. Turn it up, and let it fill the space between your ears.

According to Lanza, the pair wrote each of their tracks in a single session and recorded the guitars together with no overdubbing. What we're hearing on "Output0ne" is live.

You can check out / grab "Output0ne" over at reasonable people's Bandcamp page or stream it from any of the places where people do that. reasonable people promise more sounds in the future with a full-length slated for the end of summer.

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