Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rose Lamela's Northside w/ Ought, Common Holly, and More, 6/7 & 6/8/18

Ought at Market Hotel

Brooklyn Rookie

By Rose Lamela

My journey into Brooklyn only began a few months ago. I've been hearing about how "cool" Brooklyn is and how everyone who is "someone" has moved there. I have ignored all of the rhetoric for years and just settled for good ol' Jersey. I'm a total Jersey girl who likes to head into Manhattan when I'm in the right space.

I've been hitting random shows in parts of Brooklyn I couldn't even point to on a map. Thank the technology gods for Google Maps. I'm always lost, but I always can get a damn good parking spot.

When I found out I obtained a photo pass to the Northside Festival, I was a little nervous. I would have to wander the streets and find off color venues, but I knew I would get to hear some great music. I looked at the schedule and made my choices. Here we go Brooklyn.

I drove over the Williamsburg bridge on Thursday for the first time ever. I know. I'm a rookie to these streets. I parked the car and walked over to get what would be my first photo pass to a festival. I'm always nervous in until someone says, "You are on the list." When that comes to an end, I feel like I just won some kind of prize. I fear this feeling will die one day!!!

I headed over to the Market Hotel for my first night at Northside. I got right to the front and made sure I smiled a lot as I might be in everyone's way throughout the night. I then opened my ears to some bands I'd never even heard of before. The joys of being a photographer with a badge.

Elle Barbara's Black Space opened the show with their rhythmic sounds and soulful synthesized riffs. The crowd was very responsive, and it was hard to not want to tap your feet or dance along. After their set, Common Holly proceeded with their melodic tunes; and I was taking in the vocals of lead singer ​Brigitte Naggar. Men I Trust received a very welcoming cheer from the crowd. Even though lead singer Bernache apologized for her singing voice as she was fighting a cold, she sang flawlessly accompanied by her bandmates soothing instrumentations.

Elle Barbara's Black Space
Common Holly
Men I Trust

Ought was the one band I did know going in. My Spotify Weekly introduced me to them a few months ago, and they were the main reason for my venture to Market Hotel. I was, of course, not disappointed. I kept thinking to myself, as long as they play "Beautiful Blue Sky," which has been an integral part of my morning commute, I will be satisfied. They did, but everything before and after on their setlist was what I needed after a long work week.

My second day consisted of walking around Williamsburg (I think that is where I was) and hitting shows at Muchmore's, Wonders of Nature, and the Knitting Factory. From Gustaf to Peaer, I was showered with a variety of music from blues to nostalgic hints of grunge. Being able to be the girl with the camera occasionally doing my awkward headbang dance move was a dream come true. I hope I cross the Williamsburg bridge into a new world of music heaven next year. Thank you guys for being a part of my soundtrack.

Gustaf at Muchmore's
Blushed at Muchmore's
Tongues Unknown at Muchmore's
Peaer at Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Neck at Wonders of Nature

You can check out all of Rosi's pics from Northside and more over at Flickr.

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