Friday, July 6, 2018

Premiere: New Single from Wisconsin's The Over Unders

The Over Unders courtesy of the band

"One Fine Day"

The Over Unders are Eau Claire, Wisconsin brothers Sam (guitar, bass, vocals) and Matthew (drums, keys, backing vocals) Hellman. The pair are set to release their first album, One Fine Day, on July 20th. Today, they're sharing the album's title track.

"One Fine Day" has an early-aughts punk power pop feel to it. Think Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. The song comes in at a tight two minutes and reveals a knack for pop songwriting that's pretty amazing when you consider the fact that only Sam is even old enough to drink.

"One Fine Day means that life is too short to be sad or get caught up in too many details," say Sam and Matt. "Many of the songs are saying 'Get up. Go live your life' despite worries and concerns."

Stream "One Fine Day" below.  Look for the album on July 20th when it will be available on CD and in all those places where you like to get your digital music.

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