Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Henry Lipput -- 2009 / 2019


By Henry Lipput

Last week, CoolDad posted a playlist of music he was listening to in 2009. So I thought it would be fun for me to take a look at what I was listening to and enjoying ten years ago.

I start this playlist with a brief reading from Joe Pernice's soundtrack to his 2009 novel, It Feels So Good When I Stop, that I've sometimes used to begin mix CDs and let listeners know that I may also not always know what I'm talking about but I'm willing to learn. There's also a song from the soundtrack on this playlist. I was surprised to find that a few of the albums I wanted to put on this list aren't on Spotify, especially Robert Forster's The Evangelist, Elvis Perkins's Elvis Perkins In Dreamland, and Music from Prefab Sprout.

Because it's only the beginning of 2019, I've taken the opportunity to include albums that came out in 2008 that I knew that I continued listening to the following year like Nada Surf's Lucky and Electric Arguments by The Fireman (a project of Paul McCartney and producer, Youth).

Two of the biggest musical events for me in 2009 were discovering the debut album from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and The Beatles Mono Box. Spotify doesn't have the mono recordings (which I prefer), only the stereo remasters that came out the same year; so I've picked one of those from Revolver. Giles Martin has hinted that the next Beatles remix might very well be Revolver, and that would be awesome.

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