Friday, February 1, 2019

@BandOnTheRoad Seeking Submissions

Getting the Word Out

Community is hugely important to independent musicians. Without the muscle of a huge label or distributor behind them, many touring bands rely on connections and word of mouth to gain traction in the wider world. Some good friends of ours have, in their own small way, begun trying to help out with those efforts.


Attention, touring bands! Our friends over at @BandOnTheRoad are here to help you spread the news about upcoming tours and projects. According to the team that run the Instagram account:

Band On The Road is a media company from the perspective of a traveling musician, dedicated to helping hard working independent artists promote their tours and projects. Follow them on Instagram at @bandontheroad. Free submissions for the Band On The Road playlist on Spotify will be open early 2019 via Instagram submissions can be sent to

You can give the Instagram account a follow here:

And you can check out the current state of the Band on the Road Playlist on Spotify:

I can vouch for the good intentions of the folks over at @BandOnTheRoad, and I can assure you that all of their efforts come from the heart. So, send them your stuff; give them a follow; share their posts; and help them build up a community of bands helping bands.

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