Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I Like This New One from Pom Pom Squad

"Heavy Heavy"

I've been posting a lot less frequently here as I go through one of my periodic struggles with "what am I even doing here?" Back before I became a full-time SAHD, I'd put up a post here and there, in between meetings or conference calls, about something that caught my attention. Here's one of those, I guess.

Fronted by Mia Berrin, Brooklyn four-piece Pom Pom Squad have been kicking around the Brooklyn music scene for a while now. They're gearing up to release an EP, Ow, later this year; and "Heavy Heavy" is the lead single. The song builds aggressively over 90s-inflected guitars as Berrin growls, "It's getting heavy heavy / Telling everybody that I'm fine."


Pom Pom Squad play Brooklyn Bazaar on June 1st with Soccer Mommy.

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