Monday, June 3, 2019

Premiere: First Single from Brooklyn's Pocket Protector

Pocket Protector by Mike Petzinger

"Blue Shell"

Pocket Protector started as the solo project of singer / guitarist Joe Reichel. Reichel wrote and performed all vocals, guitar, and bass on Pocket Protector's upcoming debut, Room on Pacific, with help on drums, recording, and mixing from Terry Edelman of Space Jam Studio. Today, Pocket Protector are sharing their first single, "Blue Shell."

"I started this project as a way to take stock of who I've grown to be nearly a decade after reaching adulthood," says Reichel. "This song in particular is a reflection of that feeling. It's my way of taking a look at childhood fears, present anxieties, and how they can both help to forge a path to the future. It's also about losing at a video game and becoming unreasonably upset."

On "Blue Shell," in addition to referencing 90s racing video games, Reichel also combines alt rock and power pop in a way reminiscent of 90s musical influences like Weezer.

Recently, Pocket Protector expanded to include Carlo Minchillo on drums and (sometimes CDM contributor) Mike Petzinger on bass. Give the band's Facebook page a like to stay up to date on when you can catch the next gig from the current line-up. Room on Pacific is due later this summer.

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