Monday, October 7, 2019

Premiere: New Video from Pamela Flores


Asbury Park singer / songwriter, Pamela Flores, has been a fixture of her local music scene for a few years now. Flores brings her emotive and soulful voice to everything she does; and, today, we're pleased to be hosting the online premiere for her latest effort, "Grace."

If you were on the ball yesterday, you caught the viewing party at Asbury Park's Transparent Gallery. There, Flores shared the video and raised money for the ACLU. If you missed that event, never fear. We've got you covered this morning.

"Grace was written about three years ago based mainly on my own personal experiences of 'falling from grace,'" says Flores. "Going against your better judgement and the deep, deep darkness that is from guilt and shame from our own human errors. It's dark but it's real.

"The concept of the video came about from that idea and how we, as a whole, have had so many societal falls from grace and my belief in the only way to rise from the ashes, so to speak, is to become so incredibly aware of our imperfections and learning from them to do better."

Howl Peak Productions directed and edited the clip. The track features Dan Haase -- who co-wrote the song with Flores -- on bass and guitar, Steve Honoshowsky on drums, Roshane Karunararne on keys, and Paul Ritchie who played synths and also produced.

Check out Pamela Flores's video for "Grace" right here. You can donate to the ACLU, who have some very important arguments coming up before the Supreme Court very soon, here.

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