Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wyldlife Played FM Jersey City with The Vansaders, Wombat In Combat, Crüelty, and Hollow-Eyed, 1/25/20

Wyldilfe by Rose Lamela

Wake Up! It's 2020!

Words and pictures by Rose Lamela

So I have been sort of trudging through the winter with no real desire to go to shows, but I knew it was time to "Wake Up." I picked the perfect show for that at FM in Jersey City this past Saturday. From the moment Hollow-Eyed stepped onto the stage until Wyldlife ended there, I was fully pumped and a little more ready for what is ahead. It was a 5-band line-up of heaving riffing and shouting. I also got pushed around a bit. It was the best remedy for my winter snooze.

I am also sad that FM is closing this upcoming weekend, and I do regret not spending more time there. Being there on Saturday and being part of a packed house felt good. Hearing all the questions about why FM is closing was a little heartbreaking. I root for more music venues to open their doors in the 6th Borough. It's one of my favorite Jersey stomping grounds and deserves a robust scene.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!! Full photosets are up at Flickr.


The Vansaders

Wombat In Combat



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