Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Jah Wobble, A Very British Coup EP, 2020

EP Review

By Henry Lipput

Britain has just left the European Union under the Brexit agreement, and Jah Wobble has something to say about it.

Wobble, the great British bassist and a member of the legendary post-punk band Pubic Image Ltd. (Metal Box, anyone?), has just released the A Very British Coup EP. He is joined by, among others, Pop Group singer Mark Stewart, guitarist Keith Levene, and drummer Richard Dudanski (both PiL veterans), producer Martin "Youth" Glover on additional bass and keyboards, and DJ / Producer Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh adding loops to the mix.

A Very British Coup was originally released on vinyl only in Europe at the end of 2019 and quickly sold out. Other than this limited-edition CD EP no physical copy of A Very British Coup is currently in print. The EP contains music not included on the original release including a very chill dub mix by Youth which is only available on the North American version of the EP (it's a real treat).

The first track, "A Very British Coup ft Mark Stewart," is the complete version of the song. It sounds great with Wobble playing in his trademark dub style, Levene's guitar scratching at the margins and finding ways to be front and center in the mix, and Dudanski bringing the fills and beats that drive the song. Stewart speak-sings lyrics intoning "What they didn't want the world to know / Down in the sewers the city rats / Forbidden London / Secret Britain / Sordid sentimental / Sick souvenirs / It's the cement of the structure / If you only knew / A very British coup."

A Very British Coup is out now on 80 Proof Records

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