Friday, February 21, 2020

New Video from The Battery Electric

"Big Tears"

The Battery Electric have been part of the CoolDad Music family since some of our earliest days. Things haven't been the same here in Asbury Park since Brent (Bergholm) and Ron (Santee) took the band out to sunny Southern California. A few days ago, Brent surprised me with news of a new Battery Electric single, the first recorded by Brent and Ron as a duo.

On "Big Tears," Brent handles bass, keys, and -- of course -- guitar; while Ron brings it on drums and vocals. The duo recorded and mixed all of the instruments themselves, tracking drums at Jesse Hughes's Dangerous House of Thoughts Studios and doing the rest in Brent's LA loft space. They shot the video in Joshua Tree with creative duo Ian & Bonnie just before the pair left Hollywood for their native Chile.

And, just like that, we have a new song from our prodigal sons in The Battery Electric. Created and released into the world in the same shoot from the hip style that the band have always been known for, "Big Tears" draws on a long rock and roll tradition. It blends the disparate influences of punk, hard rock, and soul that have long characterized The Battery Electric's sound.

The video, directed by Ian Sepulveda and co-starring Bonnie Carvaccio, features images of seedy motels, pawn shop robberies, and dusty getaways. Every scene is touched by a retro sheen and the heat of the California desert.

Check out the latest from The Battery Electric right here. "Big Tears" is streaming everywhere, including over at The Battery Electric's Bandcamp page.

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