Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Running LiveStream Post

Snail Mail kicks off Uncancelled Fest today at 4pm EDT.

Socialize Distantly

UPDATE: This is getting really difficult. Sessions seem to get announced every few hours or just happen spontaneously. While I am shut in like the rest of you, I can't sit here and update this list minute by minute. I really don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring their post, so a good way to keep up on things is to check out groups like Share Your Streaming Shows on Facebook. I'll still stop in here once or twice a day to update the list with stuff that seems interesting, but know that there is always a ton more going on than I'm able to cover. Stay safe.

There aren't going to be any shows for a while, but several artists are hosting livestreams on various platforms. Please send me whatever you've got, and I'll try to keep this updated as best I can with the caveat that it's just me here.

If there's an opportunity to tip any of these artists or buy their merch, that would be a great way to say thanks to them for spending time with you.

Saturday, 4/4

Uncancelled Music Festival w Snail Mail / Waxahatchee / Brian Fallon / more, 4pm EDT

Alone Together 2 w Hazel English / Reptaliens / Stef Chura / Milly / more, 5pm EDT

Corona Classic Concert Series: Gayle Skidmore, 5pm EDT

Downtown Boys, 5:30pm EDT

Low Cut Connie, 6pm EDT

Ben Folds, 7pm EDT

The Frights, 7pm EDT

Weakened Friends, 7pm EDT

Deal Casino / Well Wisher, 7:30pm EDT

Rachel Ana Dobken / Jackson Pines, 8pm EDT

Corona Classic Concert Series: Petty Chavez, 9pm EDT

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