Thursday, March 12, 2020

What's Going On: 3/12, 3/13, 3/14 & 3/15, 2020

gods play Wonder Bar on Thursday.

What's Going on Indeed

Greetings from CDMHQ where CD2's school is closed with no word of when it may re-open, where the college where CD1's swim team practices is closed, where CD1's swim meets have all been canceled, and where CoolMom has been instructed by her company to work from home until further notice. There are plenty of shows listed this weekend, but I'd advise checking to make sure which ones are still happening.

All weekend up on NYC's Lower East Side, it's the New Colossus Festival which features some of our favorite bands and some really interesting emerging artists at various venues throughout the neighborhood. See the website for details.

On Thursday night, Future Teens, Pronoun, Proper, and Skylar Pocket are at Asbury Park Brewery. Well Wisher at The Kingsland in Brooklyn with Ruby Bones, Treads, and Means/Ways. gods, Native Sun, The Muckers, and Sunshine Spazz are at Wonder Bar. American Trappist, Accidental Seabirds, Sentient Moss, and Grin & Bear are at The Clubhouse in Toms River on Friday. Also on Friday, Rachel Ana Dobken and Friends are at Wonder Bar. On Saturday, Colossal Street Jam are at Asbury Lanes. Post Animal play Music Hall of Williamsburg with TWEN. On Sunday, 10PRL in Long Branch hosts a benefit for Puerto Rico featuring The Wag, Starr Celeste, Nick Ryan, and Brian Erick. Dave & Tom, Renee Maskin, and Bobby Mahoney play the Clinch Gallery in Asbury.

The good news is that it doesn't look like Pale Horse are playing anywhere nearby this weekend.

Have fun. Wash your hands. Don't drink and drive.


Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): Future Teens / Pronoun / Proper / Skylar Pocket, 7pm

The Clubhouse (Toms River): Skinny Dickies / Kyle Jacobus / Lady Godiva / A/O, 7pm, $10

Crossroads (Garwood): A Beautiful Somewhere / Old Currents / Know Your Enemy / Top Bloke, 7pm

Flemington DIY (Flemington): Feed Me To The Forest / Maybe Later / Pollen Eyes / Pocket Gum, 6pm, $5

Joe's Surf Shack (Lake Como): Cold Weather Company / Pepperwine / Lost Romance / Rockstar Racecar, 7pm

The Kingsland (Brooklyn): Treads / Well Wisher / Ruby Bones / Means/Ways, 7pm, $13

Meatlocker (Montclair): Iris Pill / Lucidity / Avari / The Royal Jackals, 8:30pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Pissed! / 430 Steps / Houston, The Punk Poet, 8pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn): Wire, 7pm

Pino's (Highland Park): Mr. Horvath & Mr. Brando, 7:30pm

The Saint (Asbury): Kluster Plunk / The Phryg / Chillbillies, 7pm, $10

Wonder Bar (Asbury): gods / Native Sun / The Muckers / Sunshine Spazz, 7pm, $10

FRIDAY (3/13)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Kasey Jean / Martin Howth / Quietmill / Shadow Box, 9pm

Asbury Lanes (Asbury): So Watt, 8pm, FREE

Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): Courier Club / Parrotfish, 7pm, $10-$12

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Mod Fun / Tom Kanach, 9:30pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Wild Chariot / Incognito Theory / Nefariant / Dirty Black 7 / Lokane / The Nobodies, 6:30pm, $12-$15

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): The Black Ties, 8:30pm

The Clubhouse (Toms River): American Trappist / Accidental Seabirds / Sentient Moss / Grin & Bear, 7pm, $10

Count Basie Center (Red Bank): Bobby Bandiera: Running Down A Dream, 8pm

House of Independents (Asbury): Shoobies (Album Release) / Sonic Blume / Skyeline / Ocean Heights, 7pm, $12

John & Peter's (New Hope, PA): Honah Lee / Bridge Beat Duo / Alright Junior, 9pm

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Predator Dub Assassins, 9:30pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Pretty Goats / Cracked Acid Hero / Drunk Buseys / Brandish, 9pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn): Wire, 7pm

The Saint (Asbury): Halo Dance Party, 9pm, $10

Saint Vitus Bar (Brooklyn): Stuyedeyed / Whiner / LB, 7pm, $10

Starland Ballroom (Sayreville): Dashboard Confessional / The Get Up Kids, 7pm

Stone Pony (Asbury): Moroccan Sheepherders / Shady Street Show Band, 7pm, $17-$20

Wonder Bar (Asbury): Rachel Ana Dobken & Friends, 7pm, $16-$20


The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Matt Cook, 9pm

Asbury Lanes (Asbury): Colossal Street Jam, 7pm

Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): SSPN 39 / The Fight / Spell Runner / GEL / Stag Party / The Escape, 7pm

Asbury Park Yacht Club (Asbury): Sweet Joey's Thing Of Beauty, 9:30pm

BoonTunes (Boonton): Dead Language / Nautical Pop / Nightmare In Wonderland / Human Host, 7:30pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Neil Zaza / The Aritrary / Dave Simmons / Kalias / Inversion Circus, 6:30pm, $15-$18

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Under 21 Open Mic, 5:30pm

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): 15th Annual Coffee House, Part 2, 8:30pm

House of Independents (Asbury): 90s Dance Party, 10pm

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Purple Hazy Rain, 9:30pm

Meatlocker (Montclair): Luxury / Nilserver / Idol Brain / K.P.G., 9pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Embludgeonment / Bayht Lahm / GROSS / Chained To The Dead, 8:30pm, $8

Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn): Post Animal / TWEN, 9pm, $18

Pino's (Highland Park): Psykidelic Oven Mit / RGD / Brenyama, 8pm

Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse (Dunellen): Shifty & The Gears / The Junk Rumblers, 9pm, $8

The Saint (Asbury): Joey Harkum Band, 7:30pm, $12-$15

Stone Pony (Asbury): Start Making Sense / Ruby Dear, 7:30pm, $20-$25

Transparent Clinch (Asbury): Jack West, 4pm

Wonder Bar (Asbury): John Eddie, 7pm, $17-$20

SUNDAY (3/15)

10PRL (Long Branch): Puerto Rico Se Levanta ft. The Wag / Starr Celeste / Nick Ryan / Brian Erick, 1pm, $15-$25

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Mack Sunday Jam, 4pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Pinkshift / The Deep End / Jack & The Me Offs / Spineapples / Moonwater, 2pm, $12

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Comedy & Music Show, 6pm

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Freeform / Experimental Jazz Jubilee, 4pm

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Caisy Falzone / Tara Dente, 1pm

Meatlocker (Montclair): Frame and Mantle / The Phantom Allure / Centennials / The Angry Pirates, 8:30pm

The Saint (Asbury): MammaBear / Dave Mooney & Viewers Like You / The Clydes / Dan Apy, 6:30pm, $5

Stone Pony (Asbury): Summer Showcase, 2pm, $12-$14

Transparent Clinch (Asbury): Dave & Tom / Renee Maskin / Bobby Mahoney, 4pm

Wonder Bar (Asbury): Mark Diomede & Friends, 3pm, $5

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