Thursday, March 5, 2020

What's Going On: 3/5, 3/6, 3/7 & 3/8, 2020

Double the fun on our Anniversary Weekend

8 Years of CoolDad Music!!!

Today is the 8th Anniversary of the first-ever post at CoolDad Music. Running this site (especially putting together this calendar every week!) has felt like a burden at times; but, mostly, it's helped me to find my place in the world. It's gotten me through some very tough times, and it's introduced me to some of the most important people in my life outside of my family. Thanks for sticking with me all these years.

CoolDad Music is helping to bring you two shows this weekend. On Friday, we've got Fascinations Grand Chorus, Deaglan Howlett, and Natalie Newbold at The Asbury. On Saturday, we joined up with The Saint and Little Dickman Records to bring you Heart Bones, Real Dominic, Dentist, and Lowlight. Taken together, both of these shows bring together lots of those "most important people" I referenced above; and it would be great to see you all at one or both of them.

Other cool stuff this weekend includes Heart Bones down in Philly at Johnny Brenda's, Control Top at Brooklyn's Union Pool, and another Jersey Rock Showcase at Wonder Bar on Thursday. On Friday, Control Top are at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn with Dry Cleaning. Vanessa Silberman, Catty, Kino Kimino, and Janet LaBelle play Our Wicked Lady. Joshua Mark plays an album release show at the Clinch Gallery. Saturday brings Destroyer to Brooklyn Steel. Exmaid play their record release show at In The West in New Brunswick with SHUT UP, Joy Cleaner, and Toads. The Foes Of Fern, The Extensions, Dead Flowers, Honey Wild, and Cat London are at Wonder Bar. On Sunday, it's The Asbury Park Saint Paddy's Day Parade with an after party at Wonder Bar.

It would be a really cool anniversary present if you came to The Asbury on Friday or to The Saint on Saturday. Another really super cool anniversary present would be if you promised not to drink and drive this weekend.

Love ya.


Asbury Park Brewery (Asbury): Sleep On It / Bearings / Between You & Me / Neverkept / Wave Break, 6pm, SOLD OUT

Barca City (New Brunswick): Darrell Arden / Charles Loren / Cousin Oven, 8:30pm

The Broadway (Brooklyn): Cindy Cane / Grim Streaker / Dead Ringer, 8pm, $12

Elsewhere Hall (Brooklyn): of Montreal / Lily's Band, 8pm, SOLD OUT

House of Independents (Asbury): Lund / Guccihighwaters / Guardin / Cory Wells, 6:30pm, $8.50-$20

Johnny Brenda's (Philly): Heart Bones / Real Dominic, 9pm, $15

Knitting Factory Brooklyn (Brooklyn): The Orphan The Poet / Deal Casino / SLMBR / Quiet Domino, 8pm, $15

littlefield (Brooklyn): The Yawpers, 8pm, $12

Our Wicked Lady (Brooklyn): Bethlehem Steel / Thin Lips / Tetchy / Maneka, 7:30pm, $10

Rough Trade NYC (Brooklyn): Caroline Rose Release Party, 7pm-8pm, (buy an album)

Union Pool (Brooklyn): Control Top / Weeping Icon / Privacy Issues, 8pm, $14

Wonder Bar (Asbury Park): Jersey Rock Showcase w/ Roulette / Morningside Lane / The Skullers / Kodiak / The Cryptkeeper Five, 7pm

FRIDAY (3/6)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Fascinations Grand Chorus / Deaglan Howlett / Natalie Newbold, 8:30pm

Asbury Lanes (Asbury): Zoso (Led Zep covers) / Mikell's Plot / Skinny Dickies, 8pm

BoonTunes (Boonton): Original Music School March Madness, 6:30pm, $10

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Black Water Rising / Vessel Of Light / Rahway / Black The Sky, 7:30pm, $10-$12

Championship Bar & Grill (Trenton): Worldsucks / Jaws / Wade Wilson / Dab Nebula, 8pm, $8

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Desert Jellies / Kill The Engine / Families Recipe / The Barrbarians, 9pm

The Clubhouse (Toms River): Only On Weekends / The Imaginary / Blood Moons / Manda Morris, 7pm, $10

House of Independents (Asbury): Spite / Varials / [illegible, IAM maybe] / Orthodox / Dealer / Born A New, 6pm, $15-$18

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Anthony Krizan Band, 9:30pm

Meatlocker (Montclair): Aedan / Paul From The Internet / Tula Vera / The Porchistas, 7:30pm

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Public Serpents / Seeing Snakes / Honah Lee / Sophistipunx, 9pm

Our Wicked Lady (Brooklyn): Vanessa Silberman / Kino Kimino / Catty / Janet LaBelle, 7:30pm, $10

Red Tank Brewing (Red Bank): Joseph Alton Miller / Tara Dente, 8pm

Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse (Dunellen): Ghost Rodents / Tom Kanach / Dogpile On The Rabbit / Our Marvelous Lives, 8pm, $10

St. Vitus (Brookyn): Dry Cleaning / Control Top, 8pm

The Saint (Asbury): Moonwater / Acqui, Joey Preziosi / Viiq, 7:30pm, $10

Stone Pony (Asbury): Melvin Seals & JGB, 7pm, $30

Transparent Clinch (Asbury): Joshua Mark (Album Release) / Billy Hector / Suzan Elle, 7pm

Wonder Bar (Asbury Park): Sensational Soul Cruisers, 8pm, $20-$25

Zookini Pizza & Restaurant (New Brunswick): Joe Galuppo / Batting A Thousand / Lance Greene / more, 7pm


The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Alex English, 9pm

Asbury Lanes (Asbury): Vendetta Rose / Reality Suite / The Flukes / Nick Ryan & The Mess, 8pm, $15

Ask (Ask): Mala Vista / Duke Of Vandals / Spite Fux / NO ICE / Talulah Paisley / Frida Kill, 6pm, $10

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Metalland / Broken Past / Black Velvet / Mark Mayer / Knuckle Heads, 2pm, $10-$15

Brooklyn Steel (Brooklyn): Destroyer / Nap Eyes, 7pm, $30

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Flourish / Hidden Figures / Ruby / Gianna Marie, 6pm

Chubby Pickle (Highlands): Soulfood / Ross Owen & The Tribe / Powerlines / Kevin Daly, 9pm

The Clubhouse (Toms River): latewaves / Caveart / Fortunato / This Year's Comeback / Three Cheers Too Late, 7pm, $10

The Clubhouse (Toms River): King Darves / Healers / Justin Mank, 6:30pm, $10

In The West (New Brunswick): Exmaid (Album Release) / Joy Cleaner / SHUT UP / Toads, 8pm, $5

Millhill Basement (Trenton): Solar Circuit / The Business / FUNGKSHUI, 8pm

Pino's (Highland Park): The Anderson Council / Melancholy Kings / Lieder, 8pm

The Saint (Asbury): Heart Bones / Real Dominic / Dentist / Lowlight, 7:30pm, $15

Starland Ballroom (Sayreville): Silverstein / Four Year Strong / I, The Mighty, 6pm

Staten Island Arts (Staten Island): Sleepy Droner Club, 7:30pm, $8

Stone Pony (Asbury): Tramps Like Us, 7pm, $20-$25

Transparent Clinch (Asbury): Cranston Dean / PBR Street Gang, 4pm

Union Pool (Brooklyn): Dry Cleaning / Patio / Basic Bitches, 7pm, SOLD OUT

Wonder Bar (Asbury): The Foes Of Fern / The Extensions / The Dead Flowers / Honey Wild / Cat London, 7pm, $10

SUNDAY (3/8)

The Asbury Hotel, Soundbooth (Asbury): Mack Sunday Jam, 4pm

BoonTunes (Boonton): Loyalty To Me / Plight / Paul Rose / Sonoa, 7:30pm

Brighton Bar (Long Branch): Breath Before Death / The Last Martyr / Pathetic Fallacy / VX, 6pm, $10

House of Independents (Asbury): Silent Planet / Invent Animate / Currents, 5:30pm, $16-$18

Langosta Lounge (Asbury): Fusion, 1pm

Little Hollywood (Farmingdale): Little Hag / The Vaughns (Acoustic) / Greg Mendez / Erik Kase Romero, 7pm, $5

Stone Pony (Asbury): Summer Showcase, 2pm, $12-$14

Wonder Bar (Asbury): St. Paddy's Day Parade After Party w Bobby Bandiera, 1:30pm, $15

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